Out of darkness once more

Today I feel like writing a little blurb about me and my recent shift. Once again I need to put words on an inward experience to help others understand how it goes.

It is the story of my life to be sidetracked and confused in trying to meet what others are expecting of me and what they think of how i should make use of my innate “gifts”. This goes as far back as i can remember. As being the odd kid, I’ve always looked to fit in and being approved of, especially by people I look up to.

I’ve been undergoing profound changes and releases since December and that created a lot of confusion from the inside out. I rearranged my whole life and shed skins upon skins very rapidly. In the process, I got to let go of many things and people, making place for new stuff to come in. (Sparing details as I don’t believe they matter here) In the past 2 months especially I was imposed to take some time to work on me. This process is still strongly ongoing but I came to a place of understanding through major remembrance, where I am ready to work with (and on) other people again.

I am not talking much about these inner experiences, even to people close to me. I find that this process is beyond words and almost impossible to explain. I can voice very simple conclusions and summarize directives but even this asks for great effort. Light language is so complete yet abstract that trying to translate it in words is maddening. I believe that in a very near future we humans won’t need to rely on words and speech anymore and many lightworkers are more and more experiencing frustration with communication at physical level. Instead of struggling to explain, I focus on the outcome and the immediate result in altered and expended energy field. Anyway language is just too SLOW to convey this ever moving reality.

That being said, for the past two years I’ve being trained non stop, content coming through in my consciousness by interdimensional download. Especially in the past few months I’ve been experiencing a crushing together of all the knowledge gained in my most noticeable past lives. Many interests that seemed disconnected at first are coming together in visual and kinetic loads of data, often lacking vocabulary (but I believe the reason for this is that, like said previously, we are currently transitioning out of language).

At first I was experiencing frustration in my brain’s ability to grasp all these concepts at once and I just had to come to the conclusion that it was simply not needed for me to integrate all this in the brain. I used to feel very attached to books and courses but I now know why they cannot keep my interest anymore (making me feel like a huge ADD dyslexic dork). There is simply no time for me to study and read to mentally reintegrate all this knowledge because It first required lives and lives to acquire. There is no point in going through the process again and the”packets” of information can stay stored in my outer energy field until I need to access it (just like an external hard drive containing data about plants, biology, geometry, magic…). What I am remembering is my full multidimensional heritage and it’s becoming richer every passing day.

This is my purpose and the only thing I want to concentrate on. It doesn’t relate to anything known at this time on this plane. It is knowledge and ways of doing that hasn’t been used for the past 13 500 years so calling it name like “channeling” and “healing” feels reductive to me. I learned that am not channeling anything outside of mySelf and my time with the Arcturians (also part of myself) as been for a short training period that lasted for a few month. I also feel that working one on one in healing with people is also a way for Them to teach me different techniques and methods. Somehow I know I won’t be doing either or in the long term. I can tell you that what I am working with now is related but different to any other content I came upon and also “brand new” (or very old depending on where you stand). I’m currently walking the path of aligning my life to this purpose and soon I will make this content available through text but mostly through direct experience to whoever wants to work in energy with me.

I am fast learning and fast tracking continuously. What I do today is different than what I did yesterday and (as always) my speech evolves quickly as my comprehension unfolds. The courses I am putting together in “spiritual alchemy” is my integral body of work and will be moving and morphing as I’m sharing it. My purpose is to pass along this very efficient and direct way to work with energy to people so they can use it comprehensively to heal themselves, their environment and the planet as efficiently as possible. My specific comprehension is of things, places and people as systems and of how to calibrate and adjust them to work better and faster (rewiring, encoding, expanding, raising of frequency, upgrading of DNA, etc.). In working on a system as a whole, the parts will naturally come in alignment, providing physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It’s a quite simple, core oriented, left-brained, straight through (almost short cut) approach to return to your full expression of Self.

In the past we used different physical tools, rituals, slow hierarchical procedures, incantations, and prayer in order to fill in the frequency gaps more efficiently but on the threshold of ascension there is barely no use for these tools anymore and although one may be compelled to use them at first to help them awaken and remember, they are quickly falling out of purpose as inner power reaches maturity (fast!). Truth is that one can instantly regain their full memory and power, given their ability to release and give up all their imitative beliefs and perceptions of self and the reality we’re evolving in. There are very few artifacts and crystals that will bear significance in the New Earth and most acts as “stabilizators” and anchors, not as tool to be used per say. I would like people to open to this new process as it is and not see it through the lens of past experience, past knowledge or other known processes as the time we’re experiencing today has no precedent in galactic history (at least not quite).

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  1. Wow Karine. I am mind blown…. I am working on myself without trying (if that makes sense), because I feel compelled pushed to do it. It seems like things are happening on their own, making everything falling into place. I don’t know how to describe it. Thank you for insight. Very interesting part on communication and letting go of knowledge already acquired.

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