On food and nourishment

It is said that we, the Reptilians, see humans (or in a more general way humanoids) as but a source of nourishment, for their flesh or as a more direct source of energy, whether biological of spiritual. The truth is that on this physical plane that is the 3rd dimension, we ALL prey upon other lifeforms to sustain ourselves. This can take many aspects that we are not necessarily aware of. Weather you eat other animals, which is still a widely accepted practice for humans but also among other hot blooded species of this planet, or plants (fully formed living organisms, complex with cells and consciousness). Are we to condemn the predators to feed on the prey? From a basic perspective, we could first argue that hunting (or grazing, in the case of herbivores) is in the creature’s nature. From a slightly heightened perspective, we could start wondering about whether the prey is suffering and about its right to live. We then wonder: could there be a different source of nourishment that would allow both the consumer and the “consumed” to live full lives in harmony? We answer, yes but not in this frequency.

Humans prey upon each other energetically continuously without even knowing. It is by perceiving ourselves as separated that we enter in competitive mode with our neighbours. Us vs them. If they have “more” we will want this advantage for ourselves and will engage into either stealing the others resources or more simply, cutting their access to it so they cannot enjoy this resource anymore. This is true for physical objects and goods but also for energy. When someone is in such a good mood, many will naturally set out to spoil their state of mind. Energetic vampirism is also a very common activity. (Read the Celestine Prophecy for more insights)

We, the ascended Reptilians of the Galactic Federation, consider there is such a thing as a “clean death” or a respectful way of taking a life in order to carry on the circle we are all part of. As for relationship between individuals and races, humans and reptilians alike, it’s about learning to share a space that is both our home and that has been for millennia without the need for one to dominate or prey on the other.

Humans and reptilians alike are part of the same experiment. They are equal players in this reality game and from each faction’s perspective, the other is “the stranger”, the enemy. The one that needs to be subdued and the one that needs to be slayed. But really the challenge for both parties is to reconnect and integrate this other part of us (hot blooded/cold blooded, yin and yang), then learn to find nourishment and sustainability in different ways, first by reconnecting to the source life energy and the whole food your environment generously provide for you and then slowly make your way to higher frequencies where energy is assimilated in a much different way.

We bless you,

The Reptilians of the galactic federation of light


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