I was very tired yesterday, dealing with a bunch of personal crap and feeling guilty for not doing my homework on the second day of my little contract with the Reptilians. Here’s what came through.

We are here tonight to tell you not to fear and not to worry. You are our daughter and we are here to nurture and take care of you. We reptilians are very aware of rhythms. In our 3d lives we are bound by various organic rhythms and we have no choice but to abide by it. Being cold blooded, one of these obvious cycles is the one of day and night but, as we are creatures of flesh, we also cherish and observe all sorts of organic rhythms, some more subtle than others. We are very connected to our bodies and it’s just plainly intuitive for us to take care of our physical needs first and foremost. Spirituality and abstract concepts doesn’t come easily to our kind and only especially imaginative individuals would take charge of organizing religious cults and such things.


Our spiritual evolution is from a completely different nature. It takes place when an individual, triggered by an event or another, suddenly opens their heart center (somehow they dislike the word chakra I don’t know why and I cannot quite make the word they use – Heart Gestalt? – so ill use heart center. It’s actually encompassing a larger area, including the throat) and starts discovering an array of emotions completely alien to their fellows. The emotions are of compassion and empathy, a very rare emotion among our kind as our heart center is naturally hindered. (We’ll talk more about this in another installment) This process of inner reconnection is how we would like to explore ascension with you. We believe that the most important step in raising your personal frequency and then set yourself on the path of your own personal ascension is first of all by remembering who you are, then come into the full expression of yourself. This process actually require very little “work” but being attentive to yourself. Unity Consciousness is not something you can actively seek OUT. It is something that just eventually happens to you. Hard. Your belief that you need to meditate diligently in specific ways or eat a certain diet or practice different rituals is actually very limiting and could actually slow down your reconnective process as it set your focal point outside of you.


Over the next little while, we would like to present you with short comprehensive chronicles that will explain to you what ascension and multidimensional perspective is in our words and what it actually means for YOU as a person and hopefully how to consciously reconnect, perceive and experience these alternate realities for yourself. We understand there is much confusion lately especially with vocabulary and expectations and we would like to present things in a very simple, rational and instinctive fashion. We want to explain things efficiently, and provide with simple tips and tricks that could potentially make you “click” on different concepts and move you forward.

With much love

The Reptilians or the Galactic Federation

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