Speaker for the Reptilians

Translated from French by the author. A reflection in the light of the attacks of Orlando, France and all the other horror perpetrated by humanity over humanity.

Title dedicated to “Speaker for the Dead” by Orson Scott Card.
Special thanks to Arielle for inspiring me to finally publish this text.

For some time now, I have been questioning a part of me that is much less brighter than my Arcturian source. Ever since childhood my subconscious has been fueling me with memories of apocalyptic dreams worlds, worlds that I know have played a role in healing … or destroying. In some dreams I’m some helpless victim, tortured or running for my life. But in others I see myself in “someone else’s” body, perpetrating unspeakable horrors. How to interpret this psyche when I’m working so hard for light and ascension? I also remember an early fascination for reptiles, snakes, dinosaurs and dragons. Unusual interests for a little girl. I remember sympathizing with Harry Potter, alienated in his understanding of Parseltongue. The truth is that I now realize that in several incarnations (past and simultaneous), my energy signature is crucially different from most of my incarnated Arcturians colleagues. Unlike them, I have no recollection of the ascension of the Pleiades and I do not resonate at all with most mainstream revered alien culture (Sirius, Vega, Antares…). I’m not the fruit of a traditional Pleiadian / Arcturian combo, sent out to help Gaia. As a member of the Galactic Federation, I have of course a similar agenda and eons of existence in Arcturus and elsewhere (although they’re not my home), as well as the full experience of Lemuria, Atlantis and a multitude of three-dimensional incarnations on Earth. It is now my understanding that one of my major lines of incarnation happened on Mars and I have many vivid recollection of desertic planetscapes, underground networks, as well as having the ability to manipulate energy fields to move and form complex structures (telekinesis) and to create interstellar and interdimensional portals (time-space warping). I remember living exiled from devastated planets in search of the next land to colonize. I remember being Reptilian.

I understand now that my competence is about individual ascension, not the collective. I see how I can touch and dynamize one’s process by simple mean of attunement. This is my gift. I know that if I hadn’t chose to open my writing talent to channeling, i would have fulfilled my purpose on this plane regardless. But I believe that my background as an influential figure in previous lifetimes is overpowering my fear of being burned at the stake (Witch! Demon!), inspiring me to raise my voice and speak for “the Others”.

In order to integrate polarities, I think it is important for everyone to reconnect to this ancient part of our genetic makeup and extract its original essence and thus achieve a more comprehensive and complete knowledge of Self (regardless of if we have conscious memory of such incarnations or not). I would like today to make room in my consciousness for the voice of the Reptilians of the Galactic Federation, so their message can be heard.

* The Reptilians speak *

We are ready to speak today and unite our voices to communicate our message. We waited for this moment before showing ourselves to avoid fear or confusion and also in expectation for the channel to be ready to receive us, now aware of the energetic signature surrounding this message. Indeed, we are Reptilians of the Galactic Federation. Our name and appearance is repulsive to many and we wish above all to introduce ourselves as actors intervening in the collective effort to serve the planet called Earth. Few of us have chosen to retain their Draconian or Reptilian form after our individual ascension, and many of us are now choosing to manifest ourselves in Arcturian or Pleiadian forms. But some of us are still attached to the frequency of our original worlds, worlds that we died before our eyes, in the suffering of billions of our own. We were empathetic to our peers, even those that caused the cataclysms we witnessed and it is this difference, that openness of heart, that respectively set us on the path of our individual ascension. Many of you understand this feeling of despair and attachment when you remind yourself of Atlantis, this Eden lost humanity. Many of you are still bearing the stigma and guilt of its destruction.

As members of the Galactic Federation, our agenda is essentially the same as the one carried on by the Arcturians or the Pleiadians, now widely known and spread on Earth, except that we work in an entirely different way. Indeed, as the archangels, the message of the Arcturians is often perceived as somewhat evangelical. A high and “pure” ideal may seem difficult to achieve and therefore is often less attractive or more difficult to integrate for the vast majority of beings incarnated in the third / fourth dimension. Our initiative is to present information in a language much closer to humans. Instead of talking from the top of the “stairs”, in attempt to describe each steps (while not remembering too much the hardship of the rise), we wish to address you as peers in a comprehensive, concrete and rational manner. In fact we do not want so much “talk” or “preach” but rather to show you and support you through our shared experience. We do not want you to expect salvation but would rather see you climb the steps, experience the expansion of your own awareness and perceive this new reality for yourself. However unappealing, harsh and sometimes lonely this path toward reconnection sounds, we believe this is a much valid way. From our perspective, spiritual enlightenment is not an exalted process but rather a crumbling away of illusion (meaning pretty much one’s entire reality) and a violent crushing of one’s ego. We are not asking you to believe our message: we actively invite you to live it.

First, we would like to remind you that we, the Reptilians, perceived as sworn enemies of all humanoids of the galaxy, are also a part of you. In this planetary experience of polarity integration that is drawing to an end, we want you to be aware that you are not returning to your original state of “grace” known in Lemuria and Atlantis. These times relates in your psyche to a sort of organic paradise (female energy), and the first reflex would be to reject or purge the lessons of recent millennia lived in masculine energy to try and find back this state of “purity”. We tell you, integrate! Your Reptilian genetics, the “fight or flight” rule that has been human instinct for the past millennia has been implanted in your genetics for a reason. The advent of the New Man, the human of the 5th dimension, is not a return to the “original” state, but rather an integrated progression of lessons and experiences gained on the 3rd dimensional plane. A spiral progression that may look circular at first, but is actually a stepping into an heightened frequency.

It is no coincidence that our emissary chose the body of a woman to incarnate in this time. This is a concrete way for the soul to be in contact with the organic and sensory side of the mammalian female and thus experience the ultimate combination of opening the heart, coupled with the geometric rational aspect of her specific galactic background. We believe this is key to individual ascension and although you may sway between polarized aspects of yourself for a while, eventually you will find the middle path in universal love, empathy and emotional connection. Paired with the systematic use of energy fields, stabilized and modulated by the property of metals and crystals, organized into powerful and ancient geometries, you will find your way to your personal, racial and planetary ascensions.


We, the Reptilians of the Galactic Federation, know what it means for a person to walk alone. We believe that we can not ask everyone to move uniformly and at the same pace. We understand the value of individuality and we cherish the colors of each of you. Among us are beings at all levels of their spiritual progress: dense individuals struggling with survival dilemmas you would describe as brutal and savage, as well as individuals of very high vibration, avatars among us (some even inspiring your myths, pantheons and legends). The symbolic power of the dragon and the serpent is significant in your folklores and it would be closed minded to reject this reptilian wisdom rooted in you, in the heart of your cells and your genes. In reality, we are the most widely represented community in all inhabited frequencies of this galaxy.

med09LThe Snake is in itself a deeply feminine and mystical symbol, water creature, wisdom and life bearer in its Kundalini form. The snake medicine is often dreaded, too often repressed under an esoteric veil of sorcery associated with the temptress or exacerbated woman. We, the Reptilians, viscerally know that to embrace the light you need the shadows, to rise one must first experience the abyss, for any updraft is a downdraft and that all a yin requires a yang.

We wish to introduce the ascension process in a new way, for those who finds it challenging to adhere to a more transcendental and sometimes abstract views of abnegation that leads a group to walk in unison. For us, the ascension process has always been a unique and individual process and is much more about a grounding energetic current, that is, a spiritual movement that is rooted in the material and aligns with the often difficult reality of the individual, ultimately providing direction to the incarnation of the latter, thus ending the process of reincarnation in the physical plane of the third dimension. This is not to about abandoning the flesh or the material world but rather about assimilating it, embracing it as an integral part of experience.

In regard to what you are currently living on your planet, reaching a critically transformative and possibly traumatic point for many of you, we beg you not to succumb to fear. Fear is what keeps you in the lower frequencies and creates resistance preventing you to move toward your new reality. The majority of the orchestrated acts you have recently suffered have only one goal, to keep you in the lowest vibration possible and prevent you from manifesting your full potential, and this regardless of the faction that initiated these acts of terror. It matters not to point fingers and find a culprit because ultimately, your only power AND YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY resides in you, in the response and the attention you pay to a reality that seems threatening. When you transcend the fear of death and suffering by direct and irrefutable spiritual experience, when you truly know your infinite power and the eternity of your consciousness, you are claiming your full power and freedom from oppression. Although many of you won’t have immediate memories of being on other planets or other worlds, the knowing of your incarnation lineage and therefore or yourself will assure you beyond doubt of your eternal essence. In our opinion, it is this work of awakening that should be your priority in the upcoming time, regardless of any external context. It is within anyone’s reach to undertake this great inner journey and it requires nothing else but the experience of the vibrational reality in you are currently in. If each of you incarnated now had a foretaste of this inner connection themselves, only one step on the path or one spark of the heart, the world in which you live would be radically changed overnight.

Your guides are near you, ready to answer the call and help you in your journey. Just make the request. Do not be surprised by the variety of forms they may take, embodied or disembodied, in humanoid or unexpected forms. Always be on the lookout for a high frequency, working in the service of planetary ascension and all living things. Be vigilant of speech that divide, seems to set up castes or point fingers, because ultimately we are one, without division, without segregation. (Karine’s consciousness joins the group) Let’s get ready to watch these parts of us that hurts, heal, forgive and love ourselves in our ugliness and our splendor. This is the only way to break free of our karma and ultimately of this cycle of lives and deaths that anchors us in this physicality. We need to learn to “Let go” but above all learn to integrate, because a part of us somewhere is also someone else’s terrorist.

With love,
Karine and the Reptilians of the Galactic Federation



6 thoughts on “Speaker for the Reptilians

  1. I believe in you and this work. Love hearing from the reptilians who have gotten bad press as a whole. As individuals each race has its enlightened members and all of everything is coming out if this learning experience and integrating the lessons. I have the pictured Naga statue. No judgment also means being thankful and appreciative of the roles and parts each of us played for the whole. We are one.

  2. I am interested in more details and/or working with you on the following – “middle path in universal love, empathy and emotional connection. Paired with the systematic use of energy fields, stabilized and modulated by the property of metals and crystals, organized into powerful and ancient geometries” I am creating spiritual tools with crystals and metals

  3. This was an excellent article. I have become more and more accepting of myself as a collective of differect species, energies. I must say I was a bit worried about being -0 blood type and the judgement that some surround it with. I am now fully embracing every part of me and am ready to be shown more of my path toward assenscion. Really an excellent article. Thank you.

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