You came here to learn how to die

I need to confess to something very weird and probably very alien: I am uncomfortable when people express their fear to die. Lately I have been confronted to a dilemma when it comes to people fiercely dedicated to heal every physical condition they are facing although they are severely damaged or getting old. I mean, we CAN heal everything and I really believe it. But I don’t believe we necessarily SHOULD. Sometimes the value of a disease or a wound is to learn to transcend, push through and conquer. Sometimes it’s to accept we are mortal and that we need to let go of the body (or functions/parts of) and move on or transcend to a different state. Ouch.


We are all going to die. In fact, we all died many many times. From the perspective of someone who remembers dying countless agonizing death, chilling in the in between life states and forgetting everything to start all over again, it may seems like a given. But I understand that it’s not everybody’s reality. What hurts me the most I believe is when spiritual people are facing health challenges and refuse to accept it because they believe that their mastery of energy will cure them miraculously every single times. The true lesson lies in the fact that there are times for miracles and time to let go. The true challenge is that even these people who have a close relationship to spirit are scared shitless to die. And I don’t know how to “explain stuff” sometimes.

A while ago, a few years before all my crazy spiritual awakening happened, I went to a 10 days Vipassana meditation retreat. While over there we are not allowed to speak with the other students and every day you receive recorded instructions on how to go about your meditation practice, what to expect day to day and general useful insights. On the first or second night, I remember hearing the teacher tell us “you came here to learn how to die”. It really struck me and I wondered what the hell I was getting myself into but the following teachings were making enough sense that in stuck with it. All through the seminar we learn the value of Annicca, the law or impermanence, stating that everything in the universe is transient and bound to change. On the last day of the course, students are finally allowed to share on their insights. While relating my experience of the first night upon hearing the master stating how we came here to learn how to die, funny enough no one remembered hearing that at all. I guess that one bit was just for me.


After having experienced a spontaneous kundalini rising experience, an ego death, a few very interesting trips in the astral realm and many past life regressions/spontaneous recall, I can say that I no longer fear death. I see it as a “fuck I died again, I need to start this level all over” and no more as a “game over”. That being said, even if I know I have the infinite lives “cheat”, I am not in a rush to die, nor do I have a fun times jumping off of cliffs. Let’s face it, dying is no more comfortable then giving birth and I try to avoid it unless very necessary. On top of it, it’s nice to minimize pain, especially the emotional one caused to our loved ones. Also, just like I said, in order to come back and finish stuff or “have another shot at it” we need to go through traumatizing childhoods and awkward teenage years all over. I appreciate my body like my car. I want it to last as long as possible so I do basic maintenance. I picked a model and decorated it to my liking. Sometimes I neglect it for a while so I need to catch up and do a little extra work to get it back in shape. But when accident happens, sometimes we can invest (our energy) in repairs. Sometimes we will chose to fix the engine or replace a part but compromise on a scratch or on the color match. And then sometimes it’s time to say good bye, remember the good times and send it to the yard to be recycled (Wow, am I so poetically analogical).

Some of us have been led to believe that we will ascend with our bodies. I need to say, I believe it is possible but that will be a minority of us. I believe that many of us will let go of our current bodies in the next few years in order to birth the new Earth and here’s why: New bodies are genetically adapted to sustain the new frequencies were our old bodies (say the ones being born before more or less 1995) needs to evolve and change to adapt to it. The older the body, the harder it is. And trust me, is HURTS. Inflammation is the chronic symptom of a body trying to adapt/resisting to this rapidly changing vibrational environment.

Also, I believe there will still be some cataclysmic events coming our way that will lead to much dead and destruction. I don’t wish it, and I sure don’t want to prophesize it, but I need to say that I am still expecting it. For having lived the destructions of many planets before I can only hope the damage will be minimal but even not people die every day by the thousands due to wars, genocides, famine and diseases caused by our insane life styles and toxic environments. I’d rather “hold on to nothing” and not live in fear of not making it with this body.

Anywho, this is just my daily reflection on the transitoriness of flesh incarnation. It doesn’t make it any less awkward. Welcome to my head.


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