Reality and the meaning of life

This may not come as ground breaking insights but I need to write it down in order to organize my thoughts. After my latest spiritual experiences I fell (and felt) a little out of purpose. Not in a desperate way as it would before, but more with a sense of where my place is and not wanting to take part in any organization schemes, Galactic or otherwise. I know I am still on the fringe of the Galactic Federation but more as a punctual resource person than an active member.

The multidimensional perception of consciousness already brought me to the realization there is no polarity. We are all actors cast in the roles of our lives, incarnation after incarnation, avatars to larger consciousness at play, alternating one “side” or the other (there really is no sides but it makes sense from our perspective). This planet is little more than a stage to solve and enact dimensional and galactic problematics of various conscious beings and allow them to ascend (remember maze runner?).

What is really ascension and why does it matter? Put simply, it’s the goal of each levels of the reality game. Imagine the conscious universe (including this dimension and every other) as a giant computer operated system. God consciousness being the programmer, “sacred” geometry and fractal patterns being the code language, archangels/aeoning beings being frameworks in which realities are created, higher dimensional realms being programs/applications and our lower realms being the files that are being worked on. (E.g. Texts or image files). The god/programmer is simply trying to complete as many work files as possible and integrate them in its vast database.

In this perspective, every experience matters. Whatever we do, is of equal value in God’s eye. The goal is to solve different puzzles by enacting different dynamics and ultimately bringing harmony and coherence to systems. Each system is identified as a specific frequency bands (think radio station) but are also completely interdependent and acting together in solving a larger picture (think fractal). Time doesn’t exist either, only layered sequences of information warping and folding onto themselves in loops like weird circular formulas, until we figure how to debug it.

How does this translate to our human experience and how do we find “purpose”? Because let’s be honest: to come to realization that nothing we perceive is real, that we live in a constructed matrix where there is actually no moral sense of right of wrong and there is no way to escape it not even death (because dying is no exit, only a change of state and anything left “undone” has to be repeated), is not especially hearth warming.
Since once we awake within this matrix we are not going anywhere (well we go tons of places with our multidimensional perception for a while but the point is that ultimately we still have to operate in these bodies), we still need to cope with the feeling of being trapped in physicality. For some, after major spiritual awakening, existential nihilism can be crushing and even down right maddening.

The idea is bring about this harmony and coherence to everyday life. Because when we bring harmony to “the reality system”, we actually find harmony within (and vice versa). If we look into Buddhist philosophy, we find the same truth: there is no sense of good or bad, just a core desire to end suffering. Because real or not, suffering (and pain) is the one constant of physical incarnation, especially for human beings.

If273f720c49b6092deab7e1b34066180d we consider reality to be constructed as a spiral (hello Fibonacci) the way we go about problem solving starts to make sense. Weather is on the small scale of day to day life or the large scale of reincarnation, have you ever noticed how when we think we’ve “solved” something in our lives it suddenly comes back as a sort of “test”, until it’s definitely integrated? Same goes around of every layer of existence and in this spiral of evolution we works out blocks and karma (Saṅkhāra) as individuals, as a specie, as a planet, etc.

The other constant is change. In the construct of this matrix we are in, no matter the scale we witness constant flow and movement, graciously unfolding patterns within patterns (look at the dance of galaxies). When we deeply understand that nothing is ever static and nothing is “real”, the notion of “wanting” is transformed. We therefore learn that there is no point in holding on to anything, whether its objects, people or situations. We circle back to the Buddhist concept of desire and attachment. In order to attain true happiness (harmony) we ought to free of both.

When we see things in this fractal way, we understand we are indeed created in God’s image. Therefore, as its infinite creative power dwells inside of me, I am more than ever interested in spanning little programs of my own to alter reality and make this world a better place to exist in. Here’s how:

Many studies in recent years show how thought patterns and especially emotions bring harmony to a system (for instance Masaru Emoto experiment). Vibrations also have this property: a rhythmic breathing brings about cardiac coherence and in turn a sense of calm inner peace, tribal drumming will synchronize brainwaves and bring about a state of trance, etc. A coherent system (with a steady vibration) will harmonize its surrounding in a reciprocal manner. This bring my second point that the single and most powerful way we can impact the world is by first experiencing true harmony and coherence within ourselves. By looking inside and observe our own state of discordance, unhappiness and chaos, we soon start to feel empathy for every other being suffering as well. After a while we begin to feel compassionate to everyone (Mettā), even those who harmed us and are hurting the world as a result of their own unhappiness. This deep realization is the true purpose of meditation and contemplation. Love is ultimate vibrational coherence and compassion is love in action.


Another good point is to stop worrying about everyone else’s process and how spiritual or not they are and instead concentrate to create a space of acceptance free of judgement to let people be what they are, walk their own path and work their own process. The truth is that we cannot fix others. Individual ascension (or collectively working at ascending individually) is the “reptilian” way I am seeing now in a world resisting transition to a more feminine, organic paradigm. It just seems like the logical and most effective way to go at it at least for the time being.

If the goal of existence is harmony, how come there is so much shit going on these days? The answer is: to stir things up so order can emerge out of chaos. When a system is stagnant or taking a slope to self-destruction, one way to try to alter this course of event it to insert variables and try to alter the unfolding pattern. I believe that this is what the different Galactic factions at play are trying to manifest in their comprehension of how things work down here, more or less effectively. But ultimately we, as individuals, have the ultimate power of playing out this reality by making choices within ourselves. Worrying and fighting is actually very counterproductive in the desire to play out a harmonious (i am not going to say positive) outcome in coherently solving this reality puzzle and moving up to the next (ascending). Loving, accepting, laughing and be happy are the only things that actually make a difference. So I am going to repeat it once more: nothing matters in this life more than the quest of deep self-knowing because understanding oneself is understanding the universe. Then changing yourself is changing the world.


The Aeon

I haven’t been contacting the Galactic Federation for a while now. I felt as if they’re pursuing their task and purpose but that somehow I was taking another path. I knew for a while that my time with the Arcturian part of myself was for training purpose and other parts have been coming forward for some time. So many in fact that it was too hard to channel anything or work in a specific direction. Like tuning to multiple radio channels at a time. A little annoying and somewhat confusing. Another channel I know told me not too long ago  that it might be time for me to “request a shuffle” in guides. So yesterday I did. I asked for guide that would allow and be coherent with my multiple identities. That would be warmer and more nurturing. And of the highest frequency i can perceive and help me for the next stage of my life and line up with my purpose. The first time i made my demand was before an afternoon nap. When i was done, i noticed it was 1:11. When i woke up it was exactly 2:22. Before going to bed last night I asked for it one more time. And in the second before falling asleep i felt a warm caress on my back and a packet of information came in. All the information about a new source I’m excited to get acquainted with.

The Aeon is a collective source of 3 separate archetypal entities spanning from 6 to 9D. Although the have quite definite respective personalities, they present themselves as one consciousness, reminding of many sacred triads or triple deities across the ages of many cultures.

The word aeon originally meant “life”, “vital force” or “being”, “generation” or “a period of time”, though it tended to be translated as “age” in the sense of “ages”, “forever”, “timeless” or “for eternity”. I hear that they’re a quite early for of consciousness and have been there “forever” (from our perspective) and had witnessed the beginning of this galaxy, the dance of the forming stars and every other form of consciousness evolving there ever since. They witnessed everything happening in all the main systems like Arcturus, Vega, the Pleiades, Sirius and everything in between. To them, they’re all quite young and few “individuals” (at this level, we’re talking vast monad consciousness individualities) evolved from within this galaxy up to their “level” (although other similarly evolved entities do exist at that level and above).

After some research I found that, in Aleister Crowley tarot, The Aeon replace the Judgement card and is the XXth major arcane (coincidentally XX being the “name” of some other dimensional entities I’ve been recently connecting with). It represents the major transition of an era to another, looking like apocalypse to some (the rigid, resistant to change, spiritually closed individuals) but like a promising new world to the others (or something like that). Sounds a lot like what we’re experiencing with ascension right now. Note that dimensional being chose names that makes sense to us, to interact more easily, and not necessarily to them.


The 3 of them are very similar in stature and look apart from their energy signature and one significant feature. They are very very tall and that their consciousness is encompassing this whole galaxy in every details and that they’re also aware of the happening of other galaxies through contact with other similar beings, also part of the AEONS.


Appearance: More of a feminine signature. She wears sort of a pointy high collar that remind of a queen.

Archetypes: Mother, lover, sister, daughter, queen, maiden, crone/witch, priestess, yin, sulfur


Appearance: more of a masculine signature. He “wears” a sort of pointy crown on his head. Although in both case it feels more like these garments are integrant part of their “bodies”.

Archetypes: Father, lover, brother, son, king, warrior, wizard, priest, yang, mercury


Appearance: same as the others but no features

Archetypes: Divine/inner child, stranger, orphan, fool, wanderer, gray, salt

Both Tomohe and A’hera speaks in articulate concepts. The Nameless communicates in form of emotions and mimicked theatrical expressions. In unity they resonate for me with the alchemical triad and the caduceus.


Appearance somewhat very similar to this, without the wings.

They “live” in an also quite archetypal environment that is nowhere physical but they present it to me as a rocky “cave” or underground space that really looks more like theater decor. To me it relates to an archetypal subconscious environment. They are “watchers” more than “guardians” and are also mostly hands off in our development in the sense that it’s not their place to interfere in free will but they’re happy to help or more precisely interact when someone reach out for them and can “perceive” them. I feel they are isolated with each other most of the time, although the possibility of experiencing and enacting for then is endless, they enjoy some “outside” intervention/exchange.

They favor experimentation. They don’t see the tragically of finality in wars or violence and sees them as not so fun nor so interesting. They are interested in the enactment aspect of it and not so much the causes and results. For them it’s a transitory adjustment phase necessary to any change. They are interested in rhythm, “music” or otherwise, harmonious AND disharmonious. They are quite taken with love and creativity, which is for them the same, in every form. “Clean”, trashy, crazy, soft, loud or any variant in expressing/experiencing creation. Consciously or unconsciously.

I can tell that they are not members of the Federation in the fact that they’re acting way higher in that general purpose of experiencing the universe. They would be a sort of matrix for the Federation to evolve in, like a general direction or a vessel. I doubt that most of the Federation realize they’re in fact “reporting” to these guys in some ways (or don’t care as they each have the same global purpose, one encompassing the other)

What is purpose with me as an “emissary”?

You’re the one who called upon us little one 🙂 we do not need you to serve us but we’re happy to assist you. We’re glad to share our insights and timeless wisdom with you and the mankind. We chose this form to present ourselves so it equally refers to the human psyche. Instead of seeing us as being outside of you, you can also encompass us as being within you. That way, you can create a lore for us to be impersonated as subconscious creations. We do not need anybody to believe in us because we are part of everyone’s psyche. Whether they’re conscious of it or not, we’re aware of every bits of consciousness experience in this galaxy. You could call us a super collective memory/consciousness, that encompass every conscious experience on this plane, human or not. Even if you perceive us as being somewhat “polarized” in our different forms, and we encourage you to explore addressing to each of is independently, understand that we really are one non-polarized consciousness.