Langage de lumière – Light Language

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Le langage de lumière est le langage universel commun à tout être sensible. Il s’agit d’un mode de communication empathique partageant instantanément et simultanément, consciemment ou non, un ensemble d’informations sensorielles, visuelles et émotionnelles de façon télépathique.

Lorsqu’il est canalisé, le langage de lumière vient sous forme de paquets d’information abstraite, comme des images ou des impressions qui doivent être ensuite être traduits par le canal en mots et en concepts intelligibles. Il s’agit donc d’un processus un peu plus « conscient » de canalisation que d’autres types plus « directs » de communication parlée vécues par d’autres « channels » résultant en une transition plus fluide entre l’état conscient et la transe. Malgré tout, le canal de langage de lumière pourrait ne retenir que des souvenirs partiels de son expérience au retour son état altéré de conscience. Voilà pourquoi il est si important de documenter ces expériences autant que possible.

S’il vous plaît noter qu’en raison de cette particularité du langage de lumière, il est parfois difficile pour moi de décrire des concepts abstraits avec lesquels je ne suis pas déjà familière. Par exemple, si ma source essaie de proposer un remède pour un inconfort expérimenté, je vais probablement être en mesure de décrire la forme, la couleur et la présentation de la plante une fois prête à la consommation (par exemple, le thé d’une plante à feuilles dentellées et fleurs mauves.) mais pas le nom s’il ne s’agit pas de quelque chose que je connais déjà. Habituellement, une brève recherche me permet d’identifier les instructions “visuelles”, qui se révèlent toujours être d’une grande pertinence.

Lorsque directement relayé par le canal dans le corps de quelqu’un d’autre, le langage de lumière ne nécessite pas de traduction et peut être vécu directement par la personne qui le reçoit. Il se traduira souvent par des sensations physique ou des images comme dans un rêve, mais le plus important est que la fréquence lumineuse résonnera directement dans vos cellules pour guérir et activer votre ADN dormante de même que stimuler votre propre éveil. À un niveau inconscient, de même que dans le cœur et les cellules, tout le monde « comprend » la fréquence de ce langage car il s’agit de la principale forme de communication dans l’ensemble de la création universelle. Vous n’avez pas besoin de comprendre rationnellement ou de ressentir quoi que ce soit pour bénéficier de son efficacité.

Light language is the common universal language of every sentient beings. It is an empathetic telepathic transmission mode that, consciously or not, instantly and simultaneously communicate a set of sensory, visual and emotional stimuli.

When channeled, light language comes as packets of abstract information like images and impression that has to be translated by the channel into intelligible words and concepts. It is thus a slightly more “conscious” type of channelling then other more “direct” spoken communications experienced by other channelers and results in a more fluid transition in and out of trance. Yet the light language chaneller might retain only partial memories of or her experience while in his or her altered state of mind. This is why it is so important to document these experiences as much as possible.

Please note that because of this particularity of channeling light language, it is sometime challenging for me to describe abstract concepts that comes through that I am not previously familiar with. For instance, if my source is trying to suggest a remedy for an experienced discomfort, I will likely be able to describe the plant’s shapes, color and presentation once processed (e.g. the tea of a plant with jagged leaves and purple flowers) but not the name if it’s not something I already know of. Usually, a brief research l allows me to identify “visual” instructions and always proves to be of great relevance.

When directly relayed by the channel into someone else’s body, light language doesn’t require translation and may be experienced directly by the person receiving it. It will often come through as body sensations or images like a dream, but the more important part is that the frequency of light with directly resonate within your cells to heal and activate you own dormant DNA an thus stimulate your own awakening. At unconscious levels, and in the heart and cells, everyone is fluent in this language’s frequency as it is the primary form of communication throughout the universal creation. You do not need to consciously understand or feel anything in order for it to be effective.

Other good ressources on the topic of Light Language


Letter to Sue Lie on opening the mental mystery school

Dear Sue, Shawna and the leaders,

I want to share my experience of the opening of the mental mystery school (I am currently attending Sue’s Mystery School webinars mini-series). I listened to the recording on Friday (1 week late), as it’s what my schedule allowed me. I was interested in the whole mantra idea, as i barely ever use them myself. I started to think that lately my problems are very mental and I was in indeed lacking “air” and in need of a good deep breather. Thank you for bringing that relation to my awareness. I have stress at body level and also money level that all seem to come from a sense of “being stuck”, “shocking” and “being burdened”, resulting in being out of breath, tired and anxious. So i came up with a sentence that’s something like “I am an abundant flow of pure energy and openness”. I kept that in my head till the next day (yesterday) and eventually it mutated to just be “I am perfect flow, I am connected “. I repeat that over and over whenever a bit of stress is peeking, immediately resulting in great release and centering, tingling all over my body.

Now, last night I had the second best Out of Body Experience in my whole life. The other best one was in the spring, a month or so prior to starting on MDLA (Multidimensional Leadership Academy). Then, I went on a spaceship cloaked in the clouds where I saw different alien beings (somehow, I felt they were not happy about me being there). Right after that, I was not able to project out of body for months. I felt “grounded” (in every sense) and I remember that the first question I ever asked the Arcturians through you was about not being able to astral project anymore. They told me to learn to bi-locate instead, and that’s what I did. I had a few “aborted” OBE over the past few months, nothing worth of mention, like I needed to learn back baby steps.

But then last night, I had a very clear one lying back down after checking on my son, around 4h30 AM. I remember going back to bed pretty awake, chanting “I am perfect flow” in my head and minutes after, I felt my first OBE symptoms. To “get out” I use an exit technique called the “roll over” which consist on turning around inside of one’s body 180 degree before getting out. It’s the only way that really works for me and it’s funny because it just reminds me how the Arcturians are always telling us to turn around inside ourselves. Anyway I was lying on my left side then rolled my astral body over on my right side and kissed my husband’s shoulder. Before I knew it, I was flying in great lucidity and great speed through the stars. Last time I projected in space I was pretty scared and not in very good control so I didn’t get too far before going back but this time I felt no fear. I remember thinking “I’m going to visit my home planet”. Then I was at the top of a strange looking pyramid (I’m telling you, I just made the link to the mystery school a few hours ago, I was thinking it was resulting from the mantra thing). It looked a bit like the Yucatan pyramid but everything was golden and the “steps” of the side were perfectly rounded (the temple at the top of the mental astral plane is supposed to be of golden color). I remember taking some time to appreciate the strange structure and landscape. The sky was dark and of a weird burgundy color. I think it was either night or the structure were underground (I’m leaning more toward the later). I floated down the structure and there stood 2 lean figures talking. They look aliens enough but not of a specific race I could name off the bath. They looked smaller than what I am used to perceive but there were still pretty elegant yet simple and monk like. I felt they were talking important matters but I don’t think they were aware of me. I remember then switching my awareness back on Earth, now standing a top of another pyramid, more like the stone ones we’re used to see. I remember wanting to enter it from the apex and into a very dark square vertical hole/chimney.


My recollections of OBE’s are often partial, mostly having clearer memories of the first part of it, including the exit part. Anyway. I wanted to share that with the group. I’ll go on using the mantra as it makes me feel immensely better than I’ve been lately and I am off to listen to the 3rd session right now.

I wish you all a great evening!

Shift Happens

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Channeled by Karine P. LeBlanc
Reviewed and edited by David Watson and Sibylle

We are the Arcturians, council members of the Galactic Federation of Light. We are here today to talk about our origins and our role in planetary experiment Gaia (or what you call more commonly planet Earth). For one part we are your distant ancestors, amongst other galactic races, and many of us are currently incarnated on Earth to take part in this planetary experiment. Humans and us are just like family. We were present on the initial Council of 4 , when the Earth was created for the purpose of polarity integration because we Arcturians went through a very similar process of manifestation in physicality eons ago on our planet. Therefore we see the huge learning opportunity such a planetary platform provides for many returning/ascending beings of different origins and we wish for everyone sharing life on Earth to have the opportunity to share the human experience in order to progress in their vibration. For the purpose of awakening we propose you this short and simplified overview of how things came to be and the purpose of incarnation in this time. We understand those concepts might be complex at first so we encourage you to seek out more information (either by asking questions directly on this platform or by seeking out books and other internet resources such as the ones presented in the link section) and read further on any topic that retains your attention. What interests you is a good indicator of what you’ll be called to work on. Without further ado , we invite you to open yourself to the knowledge you’ve been seeking.

With all our love.
– The Arcturians

Galactic Federation of Light

The Galactic Federation of light is an association of several alien races working toward assisting our planet Gaia to ascend to the 5th Dimension and beyond. Different races within the Federation might have specific agendas and get involved more or less physically with their delegates at this point. Some attend to specific down to earth matters such as politics or environment. To participate in the polarity integration experiment without interfering with free will, the different races had to send incarnated emissaries who would mingle and assist from within. These individuals have been called many names such as starseed, lightworkers, or even crystal, indigo and rainbow children. Their purpose is to heal, clean and inform to ultimately raise the general planetary energy field to a point enabling global ascension.

  1. Genesis
  2. Soulmates and Twin flames
  3. Polarity integration game
  4. Lemurian and Atlantian Heritage
  5. Life and death
  6. Ascension grids
  7. The Event
  8. The illusion of time
  9. Remembrance
  10. Surfing the ascension
  11. DNA activation
  12. Conclusion


We are but walkers of the Earth


At first was the Void, and Consciousness within it. Consciousness wondered what it was like to experience its surrounding. So it first motioned to the edge of itself, therefore performing the first movement in Genesis. From this action performed five more times came forth the original form, the base on which all would emanate. From the seed came the egg, then all of existence followed. (For more information on Genesis geometry, see “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Dunvalo Melchizedek )

Consciousness wanted to experience form so it created planets and stars. Then, following eons of timeless existence, it wondered about experiencing life. After experiencing a collective identity for a while, the initial consciousness, who remembered being part of All, started to wonder about what it would be like to live in separateness. So Spirit went on sharing bits of itself between different physical body forms, which we refer to as vessels, so they could experience an increasingly dense and unique reality. We call this individuated spirit entity the Oversoul (or Monad), from which originates a variety of souls (Higher Self expressions) and individualities (incarnations). What was not expected by the Oversoul is that increased density would result in physical and emotional suffering for its parts who could no longer remember where they came from. But, as a perfectly orchestrated mechanism of manifestation, the intended experiment was carried through in order to be completed and integrated.


Soulmates and Twin flames

Soulmates are incarnated individuals sharing the same Oversoul consciousness. Most of the time, those souls will circle each other from an incarnation to another, altering different roles and relations to one another (lovers, family, friends or otherwise). You will recognise soul mates in the fact that you are very much alike, for the better or the worst, and you’re often attracted to each other very spontaneously. Soulmates in relationships, will often mention how they always felt like they have known each other forever. We can also have antagonistic relationships with soulmates as they can be perfect mirrors of our own flaws.

Twin flames share the same soul and are alter ego (An alter ego is another part of us who lives a separate life). They are the complementing part of an individual, separated upon incarnation. It is very rare for twin flames to know each other during their life time because the feeling of completeness is so grand that it’s often too intense to bear or will prevent the individual to put its full attention on the mission at hand. They will usually reunite in an incarnation during their last lifetime on Earth so they can complete ascension together. Since it is now time for many souls to ascend in the New Earth, many of you may well experience this unique twin connexion.



Polarity integration game

This experiment in consciousness is far from unique to the Earth planet. Different Oversoul groups defined different reality games in different places, with different parameters. Some were concluded and their inhabitants moved back up in consciousness, through this process we call ascension. For example, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians are both civilizations currently colonizing higher dimensions, after experiencing a very similar process of descending into physicality then energetically (re)ascending. Other experiments are still in progress (like the Earth experiment) and others are in the process of development.

The Earth’s 3D experiment was about polarity integration. See, it is only at this 3D consciousness level that things are considered good and bad, right and wrong, male and female. Upon raising frequency, one will quickly realize that their sexual identity becomes much more fluid and, that said, boundaries are not so clear anymore. What you understand as “bad” is in terms of suffering (and we definitely did not intend this much suffering to happen in this world). Polarity integration is not about constraining yourself in abnegation of your nature and pushing away what you perceive as “bad” in order to only let the “good” in. This behavior can only result in suffering. In fact, you have each reincarnated in virtually every “facet” and polarity perspective available on Earth at one time or another in order to experience all aspects of physical consciousness which is precisely the goal of the experiment. There is no point in concerning yourself with what “transgressions” you may have created in alternative past lives.

This brings us to the principle of what you call “Karma” which is a vastly misunderstood concept. Karma is in no way a punishment for past actions, crimes and behaviors. It is in truth a figuration of the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth which we refer to as the Reincarnation System and experiments alternatively one aspect of the life process or the other. The only thing that really follows you into ensuing lives is how you feel about those actions in the current life you would be experiencing. With the great Shift at hand it is now time to completely release the past guilt of having hurt others by understanding the purpose of these actions. It is the only redemption you will ever need as there is truly nothing you need to be forgiven for as these realizations bring the necessary learnings that precipitate ascension!


Dharma Wheel

As you can now see, the precepts of Christian belief are misinterpretations of the message of the Avatar Jesus. Buddhism bears a clearer vision as it suggests that one must consider and accept all that is in order to seek release from Samsara, the sea of earthly suffering.

One of the specific teachings of your Earth experiment is The Golden Rule of non-intervention specifically to allow the development of free-will. This “hands off” rule means Galactics are not permitted to intervene until the experiment begins to reach completion. Since the operation was officially shut down in 2012 (for more information on this, seek information on the precession of the equinoxes) , we are now authorized to reach out and consciously connect with those who resonate at a high enough frequency for us to communicate. This is primarily why you are noting an increasing rate of channelers and mediums in this age. The Earth’s frequency has raised itself so much that the veil between 3D, 4D and 5D has become very thin.

3D is the dense physical reality you experiencing everyday while you’re awake. It is mainly rules by power over other struggles and fear. The very density of this physical state is what creates the illusion of its permanence.

4D is an unstable energetic state that includes the lower astral planes (realm of the wandering souls and most dream states of consciousness) and ranges to the higher astral planes (enhanced state of consciousness in meditation, elementals, guardian angels and the likes). It’s through this frequency that most psychics perceive, channel and interpret their visions. It is necessary for high energy entities such as Archangels and us Arcturians to lower our vibrational frequencies in order to manifest and communicate with you at this level. It is also where you go when you are in the in between life state. It is not a stable enough realm to inhabit for a very long period of time.

5D is the next “stable” frequency to inhabit. It is a timeless time and placeless place where thought instantly manifests into reality. It is this state that is drawing and lifting the Soul to a new level of creative consciousness. (A short video overview of these concepts car be found here)


Lemurian and Atlantian Heritage

The land we called Lemuria was not a physical continent as some of you may have been led to believe. Rather it was a heightened state of reality where your initial consciousness floated in an etheric aquatic-like environment we call the Vapors. Each of you was in a state of potential existence at that time and most humans living today will eventually recall this original state.


When different factions of existence started to appear, some of you wanted to experience a greater physicality and a greater separateness while others needed to stay in unity collective consciousness to fulfill their learnings. This created a very slow and progressive decent in vibrations. Some even forget that they were ever a part of the “All”! The ones who left the watery vapors of Lemuria for the physical continent entered denser realms there eventually became the Atlanteans.

In 5D consciousness, the concept of time, measured by day and night cycles, became more and more apparent yet remained mutable to a degree. Atlantis existed for hundreds of thousands of years before the great breaking of the continent and was truly magnificent. A golden world like no other. At first, there was no need for food, cultivations, territories or politics. But as Atlanteans continued to lower their frequency tuning into lower emotions such as fear, jealousy and shame, they began to manifest different diseases and ailments. As they continued to tap into the lower tones of 5D, other physical extra-terrestrial races stepped in and to blend with the experiment bringing their own agendas. It was here that diabolical experiments with human DNA occurred. To counteract these often bizarre experiments the Priests of Atlantis started to use crystals to heal and stabilise the human body in order to harmonise it with Earth’s frequency. Yet despite these efforts new diseases appeared creating an increasing need for crystal energy and consequently an increasing need for power and resources in order to accommodate these efforts.
The Reptilian descendants of Mars eventually came to rule Atlantis and their thirst for power and greed became increasingly unquenchable. Approximately 12 000 years before the breaking of the world, they had become the leading class of Atlantis. Their ongoing experiments on the physical properties of the planet and incessant mining of natural resources resulted in an instability of the Earth’s magnetic field and the geological plates, similar to processes like fracking in your world today. By the time the Priest class of the Nacaals came to realise they had to be stopped, it was already too late. An underground war of knowledge and power occurred between the factions, eventually leading to the events of the Fall that is well documented today (See the link section for more resources on the subject).

The Nacaals are a group of spiritual leaders and most revered elite of the Atlantean world. In fact, they’re still holding much of the connections with the original forms and spirits of Lemuria. They existed with one foot in each world holding a degree of physicality but not a very high density. Some of them are still channeled today in the form of what you call “Egyptian gods” even though they cannot hold physicality in the 3D. Some of them are awaiting ascension to be incarnated again and help with establishing human civilisation in the new frequency. They’re waiting for you to come home!

The Reptilians have a very intricate and ramified story line as they are one of the mostly spread form of life in our galaxy and reptilian DNA is part of the human genetic makeup. Some of them came to inhabit Mars a long time before human life and they became experts at maneuvering energy fields to move around big objects but also artificially enhance their consciousness and frequency or warp space-time to travel long distances and colonize new worlds like they did on lower 5D Atlantis. Reptilians cannot usually express empathy and thrive to control and exploit. Many unexplained structures present on Earth today can be attributed to late Martian technologies passed down to different human civilizations.


Quetzalcoatl- the feathered serpent

Life and death

Before the fall of Atlantis, humanity experienced a heightened state of consciousness vibrating at a higher frequency. This allowed for a more versatile body, usually much taller than the ones you’re inhabiting now. Atlanteans also lived for hundreds of years, as they did not need to go through cycles of death and rebirth as fast as we do. In a timeless space like Lemuria, there was no such thing as death, only changes in form of manifestation. Death was actually an extension of this process, yet a more definite transition point where one will transmute from a state to the other, bringing back its life experience to its Oversoul then taking on another experience. This is the essence if the Karma wheel. Human life in the 3D is ephemeral because we needed a much faster integration of polarity lessons. We knew that this accelerated cycle would cause suffering to the beings who could not remember why they were alive but it was a necessary ordeal. More of you awakening souls are opening to the truth of the cycling life and death and realise it is not a tragic finality at all. In this, you can find comfort in the fact that there is no injustice and that death is neither a punishment nor a fearful thing. The energy of your loved ones is never lost and you always have the choice to be reunited with them upon completing your own life cycle.

Life ordeals, such as losing people you love or sickness are all learning opportunities. Ultimately, you are in charge of your own inner response to these events.

Beware that we are not advocates of suicide. The ultimate purpose of the life process is to live and experience 3D reality, integrate its polarity and physically return to an original state of balance that you call enlightenment. The soul can then “log out” of the experience and go home, or return to help its fellow 3D students to ascend themselves.


Ascension grids

Your specific Earth experience cycle is about to be completed and we’re stepping forward to give you the final push required for you to individually ascend with the Planet. It is important to understand that as you ascend and evolve as individual consciousness, so too is your planet, as a unique multidimensional entity. As Gaia moves on again to her 5D manifestation, the full physical manifestation of her new vibration will quickly become inhabitable. We’re currently working to slow down this process in order to allow more human beings consciousness to move on with Gaia.


The 3D reality interface works through a network grid that relays information from one nexus point to another along energetic lay lines. Nexus points can either be places or people acting as stabilization points for this specific reality. The grid interface for the 5D reality was reactivated through a series of different events occurring between 1979 and 1995. It is located exactly an octave above the reality grid you humans have experienced for the past 13,500 years. Once this process is complete, the 3D grid would naturally start to dissemble as its stabilization nexus points make their natural transition to the 5D vibrational octave.

We hoped for this process to be completed by 2012 but other forces came into play, slowing down human ascension. Gaia and her children are ready to move on to the next frequency but too many humans are still attached to low energy activities such as the profits in war and human slavery. This is what we call the “power over others” faction or the Cabbal (this faction also goes by others name like the New World Order or the Illuminati and is basically a human group of individuals responding to their innate reptilian nature of greed and domination. Some are of direct Martian lineage). To provide more time for more human individuals to wake up and remember their true identity, the members of the Galactic Federation have come together to create an artificial intermediate grid, linking the 3D and 5D grid, working as a safety net. On one hand, it helps the transition in a more organic, gentle way and helps stabilize frequency anomalies when portions of the lower grid crash, collapse or shut down. The goal is to allow for more human consciousness to personally ascend before the complete disintegration of the 3D matrix. The only difficulty with this system is that it makes it harder to recognize the level of reality one is experiencing and this can result in a slippery memory and chronology. You may find it harder at times to maintain a stable perception of your reality but do realize that it’s all temporary.

The Event

In the last days of moving into the New Earth (which is more of a returning), human kind should expect a major shift or break in the interface of reality. We call this final collapse of 3D reality grid “the Event” and it will happen when we determine it is time to close the safety sub-grid. In fact, Gaia is fully ready to move on but she allowed for more “time” in order to provide the opportunity for her human children to follow her. The days of the Event are closely linked to the magnetic pole shift and the “3 days of darkness” myths, but you must realize that it is not quite going to be that way. It is only a metaphor.

We want you to know that it is not necessary for you to worry about the moment of the Event. We believe you must simply get prepared to ease into this process as described a little bit further. As an overview, we can state that, in the days of the Shift , most of your technologies and electronics will shut down in order to be rebooted and transmuted to operate in the new frequency and much of the old man made materials of lower frequency density, such as plastics, will disintegrate.


The illusion of time

It’s important to realize that we’re introducing this time line to help you comprehend this process of the Shift in dimensional vibrations. Please understand that in truth, time is an illusion created solely for the purpose of this 3D experiment.


As we are moving further along the concept of consciousness and awareness, it becomes critical to let go of hierarchized information such as before and after, greater or smaller, as it all merges into a flowing experience of reality. What seems of great importance or result from “outside” consequences and actions will seem small and integrated the next moment. Flowing reality manifests as a dual merging perception of the They becoming I and the I becoming Us.

Since the installation of this intermediate grid, time, as you are used to the experiment, has changed and what you perceive is much more mutable. For instance, one might find a day inexplicably passing very quickly or very slowly. Some might find it hard to situate themselves in specific timeframes and ask repeatedly for dates and years confirmations. Others might find odd lapses in their memories or think that a lot of things happened to them in a very short time frame, especially when one becomes aware of bi-location on other planes.

Bi-location happens when one finds themselves aware of experiencing two realities at the same time. At first it might feel like “zoning out” for a minute, or as a consciousness “flash” or awareness of also being conscious in another place. It may present feelings or spontaneous memories of a dreamlike place with hard to grasp details. It can even manifest as vivid and intricate daydreams that seem to last for hours, days of even years. Coming back to 3D “reality” immediately after such an experience can sometimes be more than a little unsettling. The timeline was created for the sake of 3D perceptions yet, once expanded in consciousness, time is not as definitive or the event doesn’t appear to exist anymore. You can have a clear sense of that phenomenon when you dream. The specific time cycle you’re currently experiencing has only existed since the breaking of Atlantis approximately ≈15 000-13 500 years ago. It became integrated in its present form slowly over the span of centuries. In truth, that timeframe is not very stable and may vary slightly from person to person. Everything before that, in terms of human life and consciousness, happened mostly in higher frequencies and dimensions where time cannot be measured. Simultaneously, Gaia was experiencing her 3D development in terms of cellular and animal diversity. Some smaller human groups even roamed the 3D Earth before the actual destruction but this is an entirely other story in itself. What is to be remembered here is that many events that may seem far apart might in fact have happened simultaneously on different planes.



Many of you today will eventually find yourself remembering times in a faraway land. Perhaps even an Eden of some sorts, complete with a longing for and a sense of paradise lost. Lately, humans came up with different qualifiers to identify the ones who are first stepping back into 5D frequency with heightened psychic awareness and empathetic concerns. This would be the vibration frequency of the lightworkers and starseeds, for whom there’s already much lively documentation on the topic of these pioneers of human awakening (see the link section for more resources).

Some of you lightworkers of the New Earth still carry the guilt of the Fall of Atlantis and we’re telling you: IT IS NOW TIME TO LET GO. You need to realize that this is time to remember who you are, where you came from and to step up to your new mission of returning to the early Atlantis vibration. For this purpose, you must heal and release those ancient bonds of pain, guilt and shame. No one was responsible for the Fall and you must see now that it was inevitable and that it was set in destiny long before it actually happened. Nothing you could have done then could have saved the land from splitting apart nor the Golden City to be destroyed .


Furthermore, some of you might even remember being some of those who led the last stand for Atlantis in the Great Crystal Tower. The spirits gathered there created a very powerful energy field with the purpose of preserving the memories and information contained in this place and, within everyone’s mind, for later access upon the time of ascending back to these frequencies. Now, with the overall vibrations becoming increasingly higher, such crystalized memory capsules become available to group consciousness. Some are also available to smaller individual groups sharing a specific mission and some more are accessible to only one individual. Nowadays, accessing these capsules only requires for you to expand your consciousness and frequency enough to tune into the memories left behind by those earlier versions of yourself (or Higher Self).


Surfing the ascension

When one starts to spiritually awaken and realize there is more to this so called modern world then what we’ve been led to believe, it often results in tremendous anxiety. Contemplating the infinite, you start to wonder about your place and purpose in the universe. You want to know who you are, what you’re supposed to do, and even though every day distractions might temporarily steal your interests, it keeps nagging you in the back of your heads. This can be overwhelming for you and it can sometimes create a sense of crushing nihilism or a feeling of profound meaninglessness in the life process.

The truth is, we all carry the essence of God and the stance of the Avatars within us. You might hear this statement and see it as a mere euphemism but when you sincerely start seeking your truth, the reality of this wisdom starts unraveling before your eyes. In fact, “enlightenment” is simply a matter of raising back your consciousness enough to enable you to tap into the memories of the spark that which we all came from: the memory of the Oversoul. In this way you can link and reconnect to different parts and aspects of your SELF, in the form of past/simultaneous lives and incarnations, in this Now and other timeframes/dimensions.


Why remember? One might ask, especially when some of the memories regained are not such pleasant ones. “To heal” is our answer. By progressively remembering your past lives, you allow yourselves to release and clear the remnant of the energies that ties you to the frequencies of the 3D much faster.

You are not expected to undergo any harsh or complicated training of the body or the mind to expand your consciousness. No exercise is needed, as awakening occurs in small outbursts and moments of clarity compiling themselves and unlocking your subconscious. These very words you’re reading now are the very keys needed to unlock your vibration. They will progressively help you unveil your full potential. Keep in mind that a too intense or rapid activation might result in surges and inflammation in the body. Indeed, some of our early crew to undergo this process suffered from various illnesses and chronic inflammation in their bodies and could not appropriately keep up with the high level energies used to balance them in the early years of our Work. That is why we advise you to take your time to acclimatize to every step and appreciate the nature of the work being done. We strongly believe that what you call “enlightenment” (which we prefer to simply call “Awareness”) is accessible to all and not just meant to be kept by a spiritual elite. Beware of philosophies and those who would try to have you believe otherwise.

In order to “clear” this unconscious limitative baggage that prevents you from remembering your own origin (and ultimately, who you really are), we recommend any technique of your choice that allows for a release of control over your environment such as gentle meditation centered in the breath, mild exercise of the body such as yoga, tai chi or qi gong (or whatever feels good and natural to you), and opening therapies for freeing yourself from stress, anxiety, depression and limiting beliefs. There’s a plethora of means and ways available at hand and whatever techniques retain your attention and feels right for you is appropriate (such as Reiki or meditation). One could also seek the services of a facilitator in the form of different energy workers but always consider the fact that even if the help of others is appropriate and encouraged, you’re always the one in charge of you own journey. What is important to remember is that there is no limit and no end to what one might realize. 5D consciousness is not the ultimate destination: the more the letting go, the more expansion and the more clarity, even further beyond the 5D dimension or consciousness. The key word here is to SURRENDER to the flow.


DNA activation

The process of awakening and strengthening your genetic interface is a process that naturally occurs when one clears enough if its unconscious baggage to accommodate DNA reconnection. It is now a known fact that the body is initially constructed out of a DNA program present in your cells. Two strands of this DNA are considered active, while the 10 remaining strands are labeled as “junk”. DNA is holographic and is also present in your energy field. Once your crown chakra is activated through raising your personal vibration to an adequate level, your active strands will naturally realign themselves at the top of your head, arching all the way down to your feet. Then all the remnant DNA strands will be activated in turn before your final antenna is energetically implanted in your brain and spinal cord then periodically upgraded to perceive and tune in realities and messages of higher vibrational frequency (after I wrote this I heard Hassim Haramein explain this phenomenon in this video). Note that this upgrading process can occur regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or religious belief.


For the purpose of this guide, we believe it is not important for you to understand all the details of this process because while focussing on rationalizing with an external perspective, you may recede from actually experiencing the transition for yourself. Instead, we recommend you take an experimental perspective rather than trying to comprehend with your logical brain. The brain is in fact a brilliant interface that allows you to pilot the body you’re wearing, but it lacks tremendous sensibility to subtle stimuli. So unless you chose to actively train you brain to perceive higher reality, we suggest you try and perceive it from your heart. The heart is a much more sensitive organ than the brain and its energy field is 60 times more powerful. Hence, the opening of the heart will naturally and automatically open the mind far more effectively than the brain!


Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle used to connect with and reach the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. (See “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Dunvalo Melchizedek for more information)

Most of this upgrading process happens at night while you sleep. Your light body visits different areas of intervention where it undergoes various procedures and implementations necessary to operate at these higher levels (the light body comprises all the energetic interface of your body such as the chakras, the Merkaba field and your astral projected self.). Upon reintegration, the upgraded interface will merge and calibrate with all of your cells in order to progressively activate and acclimatize your physical body to the New Earth’s frequency. Some of you might remember such processes from “dreams” or as fleeting glimpses of faraway lands or even spaceships. The places you visit ethereally are very much in tune with your specific baggage and past incarnations where the “landscape” is chosen to help your soul adjust in a comfortable familiar environment. The truth is that none of you came from one specific background but over the eternal course of incarnations, some came to favour one “realm” or another. (See “Realms of the Earth Angels” by Doreen Virtue)

The purpose of the activation is to awaken your full energetic potential and, once again, unlock your unconscious memories. We’re share these details of the process so those for whom this occurs at a more conscious level might find comfort in the recognition of what is happening to them. We hope it will allow you to identify certain symptoms, such as spontaneous heat or tingling in the head and body or unusual or puzzling dreams as markers for the changes you are going through rather than the product of any unhealthy body or mind.



At this point in what you call Time, it is most appropriate for all of you to seek and investigate those lost parts that have been hidden from consciousness and forgotten throughout the ages. The good news is that consciousness expansion has never been so accessible. This is the essential moment in the evolution experiment where it’s it necessary to step back into your full power in order to incorporate and evolve with the changes to come.

Close-up of human hands clasped together in unity against white backdrop

We understand how hard and remote our advice might seem at first because your attention is constantly brought back to your denser reality through things that frighten, threaten or simply seem more important to you. By consciously and diligently bringing back your awareness into the Now, it enables a higher frequency to manifest within your mind. By exercising this perspective regularly, it becomes easier to maintain this awareness increasingly longer until you step into a full and constant state of Awareness. From this place, you begin to experience true reality, without the filters of your own beliefs.

While first experiencing this process of clearing and remembering, you might think you are going crazy. This is indeed a confusing and sometimes disturbing experience. By joining and banding together with others going through the same shift, you may allow others, and yourself, to ease into the process more efficiently. By simply keeping up the ever increasing flow of information to encourage heightened awareness, you’re establishing a strong base for a smoother transition into the New Earth. We already see many of these communities organizing about the Earth like lighthouses, as many illuminating and gathering rally points, and this sight truly warms our hearts.

Upon completing this process of ascension, we ask that you go in peace, within the light and the love of the ONE.

Sincerely, the Arcturians.


Remember who You is

Dear lightworkers, we are the Artcurians and we come here today to deliver a message about your progress. We see your hearts open in a multitude of light bursts and this universal love which fills you gradually relays this vibration to Gaia, the planet Earth. This nurturing energy thereby becomes a vector of its healing. We see the sprites and elementals awaken and activate, coming out of their dens that sheltered them to join you in action for this second stage of planetary ascension. Indeed, some of these elementals are incarnated within you at different degrees and it is time for you to reconnect and manifest these parcels of yourself. In order to do this, you need to collect your memories of past incarnations and thus find your identity and remember your incarnation intention or more commonly called, your “life’s mission”. By reconnecting with your essence you will be able to magnify your innate talents and develop the necessary infrastructures for the realization of this divine plan. This is a process that occurs smoothly, in line with the work and events already underway in your life and there’s a myriad of means at your disposition to get there. Many resources are indeed collected on this website by our emissary Karine who herself may propose or encourage you on different paths of this awakening. We await you on the other side. We do not expect you to accomplish something specific in order to reveal ourselves to you because, in truth, we have always been present at your side in the form of guides and coincidences, but now we want to engage in a more direct communication on a regular basis. We believe it is time for us to have a more direct presence on Earth during the last moments of his ascension to adequately support you dear humans, as you are a part or rather an extension of Us. That is why we want to see you undergo this update. Believe that our apparent lack of “direct” or rather physical presence is conditioned by a set of restrictions independent of our will. It is not possible for us to manifest in physicality at this time than through host-bodies bearing a parcel of our conscience, through those you now call “starseeds”. Yet it is time to reconnect and to do that you just need to cross the last octaves separating you from the shared level of consciousness that you call the astral. This is a vibrational state you easily reach when you dream and also consciously when you meditate. With a little practice, it is also possible for you to access this states of consciousness during your daily activities and see Us around about you at all time. Now more than ever, the veil between the “worlds” is getting thinner and furtive glimpse of unknown presences or manifestations previously invisible is becoming more common. At first, it is easy to put such experiences on behalf of imagination but remember that the more you pay them serious attention, the more these realities become apparent and will follow various awareness moment and processes of awakening and reconnection such as we have mentioned. Just have the will and actively seek healing of your own wounds and release of your subconscious blockages. Each level released will manifest a new clarity. You got our full support and full presence in this process that we know is difficult and sometimes painful. In moments of doubt, look for the company and support of your peers who share similar progressions and together you will travel the last few miles that separate you from your full multidimensional consciousness.

We ask each of you to go on your path with love, in the light and grace of the ONE. Sincerely, the Arcturians.


We are the Emissaries of the Galactic Federation of light and we have a message. It is now time to awaken to your full identity as individuals but also as a race. We says “New” for so it will seem new to you at first but you’ll soon realize that this process is really going back to the expression that was YOU all along. With new energetic interfaces you are now able to remember your own history and by doing so, you are bound to recall history of the human race. The human life form is much more then you are led to believe for you were forged from the very stars. You are the dearest children of many stellar races whom still hold you dearly in their hearts. Most of them have always and are still overlooking your activities with a benevolent eye and are still hoping to see you awaken to the reality of their presence in your own time, with the proper will. Some of them only wait for you to turn up your eyes to the sky and wish for their assistance to manifest in your life. Of course most of them races are truly benevolent and won’t serve for greedy or selfish purpose. They are here to bring back humankind to its higher manifestation, to the frequency of Atlantis and Lemuria and whoever wish to be helped in that matter will benefit from our assistance for we are now ready to intervene at a most direct level. Yet we will NOT interfere with free will and we wish to honor this experiment till the very end. Our ground crew walk amongst your ranks since millennia and they have discreetly influenced the course of history by maneuvering through Cabal deception without being noticed but its time for a bolder statement. We ask you human to now walk out into the light and shine you true nature and your true self. It is now time for you to awaken from your slumber and shine the light of the Initiates, to walk the path of the Masters and to speak the words of the Wise. Each and every one of you  is a receptacle of that initial spark and each and every one of you can inwardly access that glow to rise and shine. You only need be. We are telling you: the time is near where you’ll see truth in those words.

Until then we ask that you go in peace, within the light and the love of the ONE. The transmission is over.


Question and Answer about THE EVENT

When I read Suzanne Lie’s post on Wednesday May 13th, it raised a bunch of questions to me. What retained my attention is this passage:

Sue: “Dear Arcturians, help me to understand why all of my technology has died.”

Arcturians: “During the time of ” The Event,” most technology will go down. Because everything will reboot into a higher frequency so all that you have held as security, ease, communication, necessary, and important will need to be released temporarily because you need to recalibrate to a higher perception of reality.”

I remembered reading about “The Event” in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s writings. And to me it relates to the “three days of darkness” of the bible or the “polar shift” (when really it’s just the Master Shift). I wondered, “What is THE EVENT?”, with some kind of anxious anticipation. I have a sense that this question is answered in Suzanne’s Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension which I’m eagerly reading at the moment. But a form of answer came nonetheless and I’d like to share what I perceived in order to see later if my conception is correct 🙂


As I understand it, Earth has already ascended. Her 5D frequency is already established and stable, simultaneously with her 3D old vibration. Bits of consciousness (incarnated and disincarnated) starts to locate more and more into 5D but periodically fall back into 3D. This process is an acclimation to the 5D frequency and starts as short flickers in awareness, increasing more and more until this awareness is fully ready to establish into 5D. In this perceived NOW, time is already gone. We’re only maintaining this illusion temporarily to give more and more people the chance to step into this new frequency. But the gap between the two vibrations is getting thinner and stepping into higher awareness becomes more and more easy. This process can seem intense or frightening to the souls who retains strong attachment to the 3D but these souls are going through this process anyway. This is why we are compelled to create that grid of love we talked about earlier and light with all of our light workers. 3D reality is folding up and The Event is the final stage of this closing in. As the 3D frequency is merging up to 5D, there will be no 3D frequency to inhabit on Earth anymore.

Worry not as when this “Event” happens most of your human frequencies will be acclimated to this new 5D. In fact, most of you already are. “The Cabbal” or group consciousness that has weighted down the Earth’s frequency for many many of your earth years are starting to wake up amongst their own rank. There is no point it worrying about “THEM” anymore as they have lost the “battle” of the polarity integration game. Most of “THEM” are getting ready to follow earth in its ascension as well.

To sum it up, what we currently perceive as “reality” is the remaining 3D matrix with its illusion of TIME and POLARITY. It’s slowly falling apart and as we speak holes are tearing out its fabric. You can chose to maintain this illusion for as long as you like but this self-created illusion will dissolve on its own as the “fabric” of this so called reality fishes to dissolve.

Interestingly enough, I started to write this as “me” then it shifts to whoever is sharing me this information and back to me again. Just like Suzanne pointed out in her last blog entry: “We are morphing into and blending with our higher dimensional expressions of our SELF. We are remembering and becoming the Multidimensional Beings that we have ALWAYS BEEN.”

With much love and Blessings
– Ruby