White and red plague

October 6, 2016

Last night I slept 11 hours which is not typical for me. I had many dreams. One I remember is looking for ancient alchemy books in a library. Then leaving without paying/registering me taking the books. Later I was practicing telekinesis with a grocery cart and I was getting pretty good at it. I also remember teaching ascension principles to a small group of individuals but what I recall most is a scene out of a horror movie where I was trying to stop “bad witches” from doing something evil with some substances but last second the brew exploded right in my face. I was feeling ok so a bit relieved that “nothing happened” apart from the destroyed room around me but then, looking at my reflection in a close by mirror, I say myself with no hair, a flaky skin white like chalk, spotted in bright red blisters and the inside of my eyes entirely burned. I wasn’t scared because it didn’t hurt at all and could see perfectly fine. Usually in my dreams I can feel everything especially pain. But now I was just closely looking at myself, taking in every grim details with great realism, wondering what happened to me and what will ensue.

When I woke up my ears were (and still are) toning with crazy frequencies like there is no tomorrow. It’s usually a symptom I get at night and intermittently but it’s been very active the last few days, louder than it ever been. I went for my morning shower. I usually take this moment to connect to my subconscious/inner child for guidance for the day. I’m hosting her in a huge inner world like a playing field with all the stuff she loves and usually find her in different places enjoying different activities. This morning she was frantically looking through books in her library, tomes scattered on the floor and she was not paying attention to me at all. She was busy and intensely frowning but i couldn’t exactly feel fear or actual urgency, just deep concentration. She was working hard. I scanned the rest of her land to see if there was something there to set her in that mood and to my surprise there was a huge tree sticking out of the middle of her forest. A big tall snow white and red tree. I knew right away it was a sick tree. A plagued tree. And that little Kindrana was looking for what to do about it.

Then, pulled out of my trance, I felt a presence in the house. It’s not something typical these days because of the high protection devices installed around it. Pretty much nothing of astral vibration can enter unless invited so I emerged from my inner connection to focus on the space beneath the shower’s curtain and see who/what was there. It was a large draconian male standing right beside me. I did my usual plea of “in the name of Jesus Christ if you don’t serve the light I bid you to leave” but it didn’t care and stayed. I could tell that my HS was recognizing him as family and we started chatting. He’s one in charge of my division of the starship crew and he was there to brief me on assignment. I clearly heard the word “plague” and invited me to bilocate on the ship. Our ship is slightly further then the main body of the GF star fleet. Through the window I could see them from above and to the right, assembled together a good distance above 5D Earth. Around me a few members of my crew along with my superior. He was wearing a graded GF military suit and me a typical Melchizedek priest robe. Lying on a table in front of me was the elongated blue body of a 5D Arcturian but it looked so DENSE and sick and clammy and colorless. I looked at the draconian dude asking him telepathically “WTF brother. How is this possible”. (Yeah I allow myself to be familiar with authority even up there because it simply is my personality and they know I love everyone and do a good job although I don’t give a fuck about ranks and titles)

He was taking my hands and directing them on top of the small almost shrunk body of the Arcturian in order for me to read his field and maybe provide healing. As I was doing so my Drac friend explained to me that he was sick because he maintained himself in too low frequencies to interact with his humanly incarnated extensions for too long. Doing so he was progressively lowering his frequency so low that he was becoming physical enough to experience fatigue and sickness and maybe eventually die before his time (in higher frequencies you can chose when to let go of a specific persona and re-cycle your energy). It’s a problem because an increasing number of envoys are starting to experience the same state. Earth experience is dragging and should have shifted to the 5th frequency a while ago but we’ve maintained the lower frequency grid active for longer so more parcels can ascend in their bodies. But this situation starting to have adverse side effects. Me in disbelief:

  • Well isn’t all experience of value? Weather the Earth experiment succeeds or not to the GF expectations it’s still a valid experiment conclusion in the eye of the higher frequency realms? Why are these guys so desperate they would make themselves sick for parcels that as “meant” to suffer and die?”

He answered:

  • Drac : Yes but if this experiment fails or do not succeed in a good enough ratio another experiment will be set up and, like you said yourself, going throught at early stages of density is highly uncomfortable and we would like to avoid that.
  • Kindrana: Ok so what’s up with that?
  • D: Some factions have already hatched a plan to speed up the awakening process on Earth by spreading a plague attacking dormant genes of the human race. Only activated genes are immune to the disease and DNA recoding will be the only way to heal and save one’s life. There will be no choice but to ascend and fast.
  • K: Wow that’s a fucking grim and cruel way to kick people in the butt. I’m really not sure how I feel about that plan. I’m having moral concerns about consciously imposing this much suffering on humans
  • D: If not this way, humans will suffer other kinds of horrible massive deaths sooner rather than later but without a chance to make it to the next frequency and those soul aspects will have to start the process all over again. We’re not the ones carrying out this plan but there’s nothing to do to stop it now.

He showed me a holographic map of the planet with 3 expending radius centered on different points of the planet. I understood it was ground 0 for the “virus” to be almost simultaneously spread from. One being North-West of Africa, Russia and north Eastern South-America (or Central America I’m not sure).

  • K: Ok so why are you telling me this and what am I supposed to do?
  • D: Just wait and stay posted. Be ready. You’re stepping into your true mission now which will be to help heal many and teach many more how to heal themselves. It’ll all taken care of and your path is orchestrated to unfold in a way that leaves no space for missteps. You’ll be at the forefront of healing crew and your work and position is crucial. There’s nothing to do in the immediate but to enjoy quiet times.

I was standing at the feet of the sick Arcturian, sending him gentle energy healing when I opened my eyes, reflecting on how my experience of so much apocalyptic worlds are maybe about to come into play.


I am Kindrana Melchizedek

Ever since my Kundalini awakening 5 years ago, I have been increasingly struggling with finding a sense of Self and had experienced very slippery identity as memories of past lives started to pile on each other in most recent years. I launched this blog when I started channeling in order to track progress and stories as well as to try to make sense of it all. In parallel I came across valuable teachers such as Suzanne Lie, Jelaila Starr, David Watson and Daniela Rambaldini, as well as co-travelers on the path such as my friends Mylène, Nadia, Catherine and Anne (to name just a few), and topped by the encounter of my now life partner Matthew (all of which I am aware to know in other realms and other times as well). For that I am forever grateful. Nevertheless, my not knowing of WHO (the fuck) I AM was still troubling and in an effort to reconcile my multidimensional Self, as many know, I completely turned my life around. For almost a year I fell back in survival mode and for the past 6 months nothing was seemingly moving.

9 weeks ago I got fed up with floating in the void and I decided to try to make a “deal” with my spirit guides. If they were expecting me to lead and teach or whatever task they wanted me to do, I wanted support, help and clear guidance to move forward and make things happen. I laid down the conditions upon which I was committing to go on, otherwise I would quit channeling altogether and settle on living a simple life with my home tattoo studio and my son.

Let img_4301me tell you that the second I reached out to state my resolve, spirit instantly stepped in. I guess they were not disposed to let me go so easily. The first voice I heard was of Goddess Ishtar and the sentence “I am Naga”. Being already aware of my Reptilian heritage, I was not too shocked. From that point they asked me to adopt an open attitude commit to channel with them a little every day. At first I thought they meant I had to write for them on my blog everyday but I quickly realized the messages were of a more personal nature so I quit publishing quite rapidly.

Over the next few weeks I was led through a process of quick updates, comprised of channeled info, nightly traveling and dream work, books to read and people to meet. I got up to date with Annunaki history, a part of our galactic background I never been drawn to before (I believe I wasn’t ready for it anyway) and I circled back to the Nibiruan Council information about DNA recoding. I realized then that I had been stuck at level 6 for a good while and believe it or not, once “unblocked” I flew through the last stages at light speed. Major releases and challenges manifested and I was put face to face with some of my major fears along with situations triggering all sorts of emotional baggage to be transmuted, especially regarding guilt and shame. I even lost a few friends I held quite dear in the process.

Two weeks before the end or my 8 weeks “probation period” I even had a mini meltdown, digging deep in my childhood and sense of self-worth. I thank Matt for being there for me and knowing exactly how to support me through it. I had chosen to complete my evaluation period on 9/9/2016 (9) because numbers sounded cool and I was also in vacations, which sounded ideal to have free head space to reflect on the whole thing. Synchronistically enough, my friend Mylène spontaneously decided to visit us in Toronto. On top on not being in touch that often, she’s the one that really triggered major leaps for me when everything started with astral travelling 2-3 years ago. We were together when guides started to manifest and with her I learned energy healing and other interesting modalities. So the coincidence of having her present on that specific day was especially uncanny. We haven’t done work together in ages but, evidently, on 9/9/9 I was on the table with her leading the session. Although I had a sense I was pretty much done with recoding at that point but I honestly didn’t expect much.

Durinunnamedg the session I saw myself reborn from a dragon egg, on a spaceship, in a room surrounded with many luminescent symbols. After that in was welcomed by creatures I identified as being Alpha Draconian. Again, I didn’t think much of it on the spot since symbolic rebirth is a common visual triggered in energetic calibration but as I came back in the room I felt a strong and foreign sense of calm and stability like I haven’t felt in a while.

The next morning in the shower, my full oversoul consciousness got downloaded in my mind, complete with detailed identity and personality. It was so sudden and I felt so much like “someone” that I thought I had just experienced a Walk-in. But with some probing I understood it really was just a huge information packet opening up. Just like that, in an instant, everything about the past 5 years and actually about my WHOLE LIFE became clear and made so much sense to me. All the scattered bits of me, my oddly matched interests, my lack of gender identity, my crazy nightly dream adventures from early age, everything. It would be too long to relate everything in details now but all the pieces of my unraveled tapestry assembled on the morning of September 10, 2016. And today, for the first time I get to tell my own story.

As much as possible ill use vocabulary and time bases sequences that makes sense for us but keep in mind that many concepts cannot be expressed in human language, especially regarding the experience of multidimensionality, alien technologies and space time travel.

I am Kindrana Melchizedek, what you could call a Draconian priestess. Although this statement might make you recoil at first, I ask you to hear my story before you judge me.

Eons ago, I was born on a very distant planet on the outskirt of the Orion star system. This planet was a very small one with no name other than a sting of numbers, and not very hospitable for life. Its soil was red and its toxic atmosphere of a dirty purple color. This place was exploited as a mining outpost of a major Draconian colony and was mainly extracting gold as well as a small amount of other rare and precious metal not available on your planet, used to create highly technological circuitry. Life was not sustainable on this planet so we had to create pockets of breathable atmosphere where the workers and laboratories were established and individuals needed constant protections against the ambient radiations. Once in a while, a scout ship would come by and drop supplies and sometimes also workers. It was not possible for us to bread and reproduce in this place. Our eggs were too fragile to withstand the harsh environment and the colony would not invest on hatching facility for such a small outpost. Eggs were hatched on the bigger facility ships and then dispatched on the smaller colonies. But my story started differently. My egg was laid on the planet and when it was found (maybe ad and and a half after my mother had left me to die), it was already strangely discolored. By miracle, a scout ship unexpectedly came for supplies that day and since Draco’s eggs are quite precious (females only lay one egg and not very often) and every workers head counts, my egg that was still viable was thrown in with the others to be hatched on the closest facility ship. No one had very high expectations for me and if I was to make it functional enough, I would most likely make a simple mine worker at best. In my colony, damaged individuals were not allowed to live if were of no use for the group. Impaired hatchlings were simply disposed of, in a quick and what you’d call humane manner. When I hatched I was indeed smaller than the others but also of a strange blue gray color and one of my eye would not quite match the other but I was otherwise in good health. In the colony, a strict caste system was enforced and younglings were quickly evaluated in their specific talents and ability to be sorted through your equivalent of a school system. The strong and smart ones would become military. The able but not so smart one would become workers. The smart but not too strong ones would end up as various type of scholars. You can imagine I fell in the later category.

From a young age I set myself apart from my kins not only in looks but also in
intellect. It seemed my mind didn’t work quite as the others and I was showing a special 4ed0766cfd3d6c2906f39ae31414f640kind of creativity in problem solving and at figuring out new ways of doing things. What I was losing in popularity with my mates I would quickly gain in respect from my “teachers”. My strong suit was in the field of what you humans would consider alchemy. Part chemistry in the studies of metal and their properties, part “magic” in the taming of energy fields and molecular alteration. Before long I would conceptualize technologies you humans could not even begin to comprehend.

With me coming of age (at a stage of life you would consider being a very young adult) I was shipped back to my outpost as a trainee to take my place as a field scientist. Despite my natural talents, my lineage unknown and looks would not have been well received in the innermost colonies where I would have been treated as low bread and thus I would not have been able to occupy any position of importance. As years went by I quickly adjusted to the outpost’s dynamics. Understand that we were mainly pacific individuals as there was no one there to invade and fight with. Military presence was almost nonexistent and our lives were of pure scientific interest and hard labour. As I got older I took on increasing responsibilities and finally ended up in charge of the mining operations on the planet. By the end I was what you’d consider a middle age adult and was leading just under 60 Dracs working the field.

What actually happened I’ll never know, but my understanding is that political changes happened in the administration of the fleet and we were somewhat at war. Either our fleet was pushed further in the vicinity of the system or it was decided that our outpost was not worth the resources or trouble, but one day the scout ships stopped visiting altogether. As days dragged by we started to be increasingly agitated as food and the chemical supplies that were keeping us alive were not coming. Our stand lasted for a few planetary cycles (that would not make sense in Earth time.) and by the end only a handful of us remained. The others died of radiation poisoning and we were the last one waiting to die in the last atmosphere pocket we managed to preserve.

That’s when the Galactic Federation ship came. We were rescued and taken on board and we were healed and mended. Most of the crew of the ship were Arcturians and soon we were all dispatched to new quarters, according to our own specific background. Needless to say that as Draconians we were not the most heavily represented race on board of the mothership and as part of the Federation as a whole. Nevertheless I was received by a few of my kins, some renegade Melchizedeks that seemed a little fanatic to me with all their talk of integration and polarities. I could not make any sense of what there were saying and all I had ever known was “alchemy” and the powers of “alloys” and “circuitry”. This is where my personal ascension process began. I was both trained by the Melchizedeks in the ancient art of encryption and data relaying. Upon eons I made my way through the different decks of this multidimensional ship (to understand more about the ship, refer to Suzane lie’s book, Life on the mothership) and was eventually sent to study on Arcturus itself. By that time I was long done with my reptilian body and in higher dimensions I was able to take on any shape I liked. On Arcturus I sported the lean translucent blue bodies of the natives although my energetic signature never fooled anybody there: I was always the “oddity”, the “outsider”, the “special case”, in comparison to the multitude of 1621913_533390583425825_783382786_n1Pleiadian, Andromedan and Sirian souls streaming every day. I still managed to make dear friends on Arcturus during training, one of which, Mylene, was to play an important role in unlocking my memories and potentials later on in Karine’s incarnation.

I learned for the Master of Time how to incarnate in future and past timelines to heal, mend and alter matrices. During that time I incarnated and walked-in in countless apocalyptic timelines to try and change outcomes. At some point I have been assigned to develop this part of the universe in order to hold a new experiment in polarity integration. I had become what you could call a Reality Engineer. Through my training on Arcturus I also became very proficient with crystals and I was eventually sent to earth to create a brand new grid to hold 3fae92d32b877f90897c83708b148b62consciousness and encrypt it with the necessary data for this matrix to operate. I was already there for a long time when the Nibiruans came (the ones you call Annunaki). I am not sure how much the 5D Nibiruans knew about GF presence in this part of the Universe but we simply decided to let them play in the game. When they arrived I was both etherically incarnated in the aethers, monitoring energetic fluctuations on the grid and also as a physical serpent-like native of the planet (Nāga) of which I was a sort or high ranked “priestess” (for lack of a better term). In that form I did not retain my whole memories of higher dimensional incarnations but I was still quite versed in the knowledge of metal properties and the Nibiruans took interest in my abilities to alchemize gold. Although they still viewed us natives as somewhat “inferior” to them in our tribal ways, they still recognized the hold we had on this planet and the quickly managed to create 14079875_529250200599576_886645953850843807_ndifferent alliances with the local clans. I know I incarnated multiple times in the near surrounding of the Nibiruans and although these memories are still a bit fuzzy I know that the misuse of scalar technologies I’ve been working on contributed in the destruction of Maldek (actually I believe I created the very device that served its destruction, maybe in a subconscious attempt at revenge for being previously abandoned by my kind. Read more in “We are the Nibiruans”) and/or the disintegration of Mars atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the decision to let the Nibiruans play on Earth was not the best the GF has made, although it would have been hard to prevent since it was strictly programmed as a free will experiment. The GF then tried to counteract the Annunaki destructive tendencies by sending envoys through the 3d veil of amnesia in “lulus” bodies (the humans genetically altered by the Nibiruans) orchestrating their lives to accomplish certain tasks. The Nibiruans recklessness and immaturity went close to terminate our meticulously crafted matrix more than once and their tempering with genetics created multiple monstrosities that could very well have hindered humans genetic ability to evolve spiritually.

Since my birth planet was never really mine (and not too hospitable anyway) and Arcturus my foster home, being basically a glorified GF refugee, embracing its vision an mission, Earth is the only place that I truly ever felt home. I never was too fond of the humans themselves but I deeply connected with the core of Gaia and she welcomed me as her child, no matter which face I would take on next. It was my utmost desire to see Her thrive. When I incarnated as Marcus, last Grand Priest of Atlantis, I was replaying my own karma as Kindrana in attempt to heal the timeline and save humanity along with their ancestral knowledge. When I failed my heart broke in a million pieces. Still, I was able to preserve the Lemurian library in crystal capsules to be open upon the time of (re)ascension, 13 500 years later or so.

After the Fall I signed up to join Earth’s crew and try to clean up the mess. Incarnation after incarnation I infused part of me and my knowledge to multiple humans (consciousness shards) in order to return Earth to her former 5D state and give back their multidimensionality to mankind. Among other things I remember hiding some very important bits of knowledge in Egypt and using scalar technologies to build massive constructions around the world. Fun fact: I know that part of my knowledge and personality was imprinted on Leonardo Davinci incarnation blueprint.


Like I said before, I never was a huge human lover but more than anyone I learned to appreciate them for the value of their diversity and identity. Being an all-time rebel myself, forever lacking unity in community, my individuality was my most prized “possession”. I also understand that human’s wide range of emotions make them prime vehicle to learn and integrate polarity. I realize now that I didn’t just come to incarnate in this Now to heal the planet but also to heal myself. Being so different I always felt I had to work double to prove my worth. In my feeling isolated, serving others has always been my way to survive. I understand it’s a stigmata I imposed on myself in my continual quest for “redemption”. It is time for me to let go of my karma of sacrifice to finally free myself and allow me to create limitlessly.

For the fun of imaginative depictions, you could picture me as a mix of World of Warcraft races with the built of a female Orc, with a darker shade of olive green scaly skin. My legs are back bend and my tail brooches the floor, somewhat like the hind end of a Dranei but with strong reptile feet. My hands are agile and prehensile but you’d most likely find my claws intimidating. My face is set forward and I bear faun like horns, most like the Dranei but in a more lizard like fashion as my nose is very flat and large. My teeth are numerous and pointy, but I do not feature protruding tusks. My head it topped by a long ridge of dark red spines that would almost look like a Mohawk haircut to you. I enjoy simple adornments on my nose and long pointy ears, somewhat like the Orcs but my garment is quite simple as I never liked to identify with “real” Melchizedeks and their typical flare. Note that although I am gendered as “female” at this dimensional level, I do not sport mammalian features like breasts. My eyes are not like you would imagine. They are of a milky white color, slightly emanating an opalescent light, somewhat like the Night Elves. This specific type of vision feature allows me to monitor in many dimensions at the same time.

Karine speaks
I actually believe that this specific persona was born in 5D “recently” to serve in this specific time and age because although the new Kindrana looks a lot like the former from the story, I feel that she died a long time ago. The current Kindrana doesn’t have the skin discoloration and she clearly stated to me that she was “a descendant of Kindrana, honoring her name and sharing her memories but none of her genetic makeup”. I don’t really know how she was “conceived” or how she came to be. Some multidimensional dynamics are still unknown to me but I have to say I feel she was somewhat engineered. I am Her but she is also spanned across a bunch of simultaneous 3D incarnations and we are both part of the same vast oversoul (that I can also channel if needed, as well as other manifestations of me, for instance my former Arcturian guide and twin soul Assinidoine). I hope this makes some sense and can help others to conceive what being multidimensional feels like.

Although I have actively been working on the 5D grid overnight for a while to create and support the New Earth’s matrix and attempted closing, merging and mending of its multiple timelines, I came here incarnated in 3D to teach and promote compassion above all. Tolerance and acceptance for the renegades and the outcasts of this world and others. I don’t believe in wars and conflicts and I believe the only enemy is within. The part of us that fears the Other, denying others’ truth and right to exist. We see the Other as “less than” us, we depersonalize and blame. By doing so we disconnect ourselves from ourselves. By rejecting something or someone unpleasant we refuse to take a look at the hurting part or ourselves it mirrors and therefore create fragmentation and suffering. Acceptance of All is ultimately the acceptance of oneself and to truly love oneself requires to unconditionally love others. One does not precede the other. It’s a conjoined process we navigates in Self learning and progressive release of limiting beliefs and emotional blockages/baggage (Saṅkhāra). The truth is that we are all guilty of unspeakable horrors, in this life of another. Letting go of our karmic contracts is also freeing everybody we are bound to. Each of us has the ultimate power of healing the world.

In order to regain multidimensionality as well as our full psychic “powers” (enabled by the waking of our dormant DNA strands and activation of our light body) we img_4418need to heal that crystallized karma (past and present life emotional baggage). For this propose we (re)play different roles for each other, pushing evolution through challenging situations (To learn more read the DNA recoding update booklet and The mission remembered). Like I said numerous time before, it is my knowledge that recoding and regaining multidimensionality (psychic perceptions, communication with guides, intuition etc.) doesn’t require any kind of specific or harsh training. It is not either a born talents nor one reserved to the an elite. Those “gifts” simply come as a “side effect” of one continual effort in “clearing”.

I do not wish to serve anymore but I may still be able to help you through this process by challenging your beliefs or by triggering emotional shifts. I am now also perfectly happy to simply hold space for you to exist as you are, without any need to change anything, unconditionally accepting who and what you are, whether you know who and what you are, or who and what I am.

With all my love,
Karine (Kindrana)

note: this text came to me in a single stream of information, spanned on a few writing sessions but with barely no edits.

Réflexion sur l’oppression

Nous vous invitons à l’empathie pour vos oppresseurs. Comprenez que, tout comme vous, ils répondent a leur propre conditionnement et que celui si peut être changé. Avec patience et tolérance. Nous sommes tous des enfants à l’école sur ce plan et même les enfants méchants ont besoin d’être aimés!!! En fait ils sont méchants car ils ne connaissent pas l’amour véritable et ceci prend un sens très littéral pour les reptiliens. Leur centre énergétique du cœur ne peut s’ouvrir dans leur corps tridimensionnel. Certaines âmes reptiliennes ont donc choisi l’incarnation humaine pour avoir la chance d’y expérimenter l’ensemble du spectre des émotions qui vous est propre. Mais comme nous arrivons amnésiques sur ce plan, ils ne se souviennent pas d’abord qu’il s’agisse de leur intention. Ils vont dans un premier temps reproduire les seuls comportements qu’ils connaissent. Domination, oppression, consommation.

En luttant contre une force extérieure, on l’encourage à doubler d’effort et on participe donc à la réalité qu’on souhaite éviter. La meilleure façon de maintenir une haute fréquence dans l’adversité est de d’abord se libérer soi-même. En limitant notre expérience de la peur (par exemple en nous exposant aux médias qui nous font juger l’expérience de l’autre et nous sentir menacés) on se retire de l’équation. On choisit de me pas choisir ni le « pour » ni le « contre ». L’oppresseur n’aura donc plus rien à oppresser et n’aura d’autre choix que de s’éveiller à une nouvelle réalité qu’il n’a même jamais envisagé.



J’étais très fatiguée hier, prise avec un tas de merde personnelle et à me sentir coupable de ne pas faire mes devoirs le deuxième jour de mon petit contrat avec les Reptiliens. Voici ce qui est sorti.

Nous sommes ici ce soir pour te dire de ne pas avoir peur et de ne pas t’inquiéter. Tu es notre fille et nous sommes ici pour te soutenir et prendre soin de toi. Nous, les Reptiliens, sommes très conscients des rythmes. Dans nos vies tridimensionnelles nous sommes liés par divers rythmes organiques et l’on n’a pas d’autre choix que de s’y plier. En tant qu’êtres à sang froid, un de ces cycles évidents est celui du jour et de la nuit, mais, comme nous sommes des créatures de chair, nous chérissons et observons toutes sortes de rythmes organiques, certains plus subtils que d’autres. Nous sommes très connectés à notre corps et il est clairement intuitif pour nous de prendre soin de nos besoins physiques d’abord et avant tout. La spiritualité est un concept abstrait qui ne nous vient pas facilement vu notre nature et seuls les individus particulièrement imaginatifs prennent en charge l’organisation de cultes religieux ou de choses similaires.


Notre évolution spirituelle est d’une nature complètement différente. Elle a lieu quand un individu, en réponse à un événement ou un autre, ouvre soudainement son centre énergétique du cœur (il semblerait qu’ils n’aiment pas le mot chakra, je ne sais pas pourquoi et je ne peux pas tout à fait saisir le mot qu’ils utilisent – Gestalt du cœur? – donc j’utiliserai centre énergétique du cœur. Il semble que cela comprenne une zone plus large incluant la gorge) et commence à découvrir un éventail d’émotions totalement étrangères à ses semblables. Ces émotions relèvent de la compassion et de l’empathie, très rare chez notre espèce car notre centre du cœur est naturellement atrophié. (Nous parlerons plus avant de ce sujet dans une autre discussion). Ce processus de reconnexion intérieure est la façon dont nous aimerions explorer l’ascension avec vous. Nous pensons que l’étape la plus importante pour élever votre fréquence personnelle et vous lancer  sur le chemin de votre propre ascension personnelle est premièrement de vous rappeler qui vous êtes, puis de manifester la pleine expression de vous-même. Ce processus nécessite en fait très peu “travail”, mais simplement d’être attentif à vous-même. L’éveil à conscience collective n’est pas quelque chose qui se recherche à l’extérieur mais bien quelque chose qui vous arrive spontanément. Votre conviction que vous avez besoin de méditer avec diligence de manière spécifique ou de manger un certain régime ou pratiquer différents rituels est en fait très limitatif et pourrait même ralentir votre processus de reconnexion car cela place votre focus à l’extérieur de vous-même.


Dans les prochains temps nous aimerions vous présenter de courtes capsules compréhensives pour expliquer dans nos mots ce en quoi consiste l’ascension, ce qu’est une perspective multidimensionnelle et ce que cela peut signifier pour VOUS en tant qu’individu et ainsi possiblement vous permettre de vous reconnecter de façon consciente, percevoir et expérimenter ces réalités alternatives pour vous-même.  Nous comprenons qu’il y a beaucoup de confusion ces derniers temps en particulier en ce qui a trait au vocabulaire et les attentes générales et nous aimerions présenter les choses d’une façon très simple, rationnelle et instinctive. Nous voulons expliquer de manière efficace et fournir des trucs et astuces qui pourraient vous faire “cliquer” sur différents concepts et ainsi vous permettre d’avancer plus efficacement.

Avec notre d’amour

Les Reptiliens de la Fédération Galactique


I was very tired yesterday, dealing with a bunch of personal crap and feeling guilty for not doing my homework on the second day of my little contract with the Reptilians. Here’s what came through.

We are here tonight to tell you not to fear and not to worry. You are our daughter and we are here to nurture and take care of you. We reptilians are very aware of rhythms. In our 3d lives we are bound by various organic rhythms and we have no choice but to abide by it. Being cold blooded, one of these obvious cycles is the one of day and night but, as we are creatures of flesh, we also cherish and observe all sorts of organic rhythms, some more subtle than others. We are very connected to our bodies and it’s just plainly intuitive for us to take care of our physical needs first and foremost. Spirituality and abstract concepts doesn’t come easily to our kind and only especially imaginative individuals would take charge of organizing religious cults and such things.


Our spiritual evolution is from a completely different nature. It takes place when an individual, triggered by an event or another, suddenly opens their heart center (somehow they dislike the word chakra I don’t know why and I cannot quite make the word they use – Heart Gestalt? – so ill use heart center. It’s actually encompassing a larger area, including the throat) and starts discovering an array of emotions completely alien to their fellows. The emotions are of compassion and empathy, a very rare emotion among our kind as our heart center is naturally hindered. (We’ll talk more about this in another installment) This process of inner reconnection is how we would like to explore ascension with you. We believe that the most important step in raising your personal frequency and then set yourself on the path of your own personal ascension is first of all by remembering who you are, then come into the full expression of yourself. This process actually require very little “work” but being attentive to yourself. Unity Consciousness is not something you can actively seek OUT. It is something that just eventually happens to you. Hard. Your belief that you need to meditate diligently in specific ways or eat a certain diet or practice different rituals is actually very limiting and could actually slow down your reconnective process as it set your focal point outside of you.


Over the next little while, we would like to present you with short comprehensive chronicles that will explain to you what ascension and multidimensional perspective is in our words and what it actually means for YOU as a person and hopefully how to consciously reconnect, perceive and experience these alternate realities for yourself. We understand there is much confusion lately especially with vocabulary and expectations and we would like to present things in a very simple, rational and instinctive fashion. We want to explain things efficiently, and provide with simple tips and tricks that could potentially make you “click” on different concepts and move you forward.

With much love

The Reptilians or the Galactic Federation

Sur la nourriture et les aliments

On dit que nous, les Reptiliens, voyons les humains (ou d’une manière plus générale les humanoides) comme une source de nourriture, pour leur chair ou comme source plus directe d’énergie, que ce soit biologique ou spirituelle. La vérité est que sur ce plan physique qu’est la 3ème dimension, nous comptons TOUS sur d’autres formes de vie pour nous soutenir. Cela peut prendre de nombreux aspects dont nous ne sommes pas nécessairement conscients. Que vous mangiez d’autres animaux, pratique encore largement acceptée pour l’homme, mais aussi chez d’autres espèces à sang chaud de cette planète, ou des plantes (organismes vivants complets et complexes, avec des cellules et une conscience). Condamnons-nous les prédateurs de se nourrir de leur proie? D’un point de vue de base, nous pourrions d’abord soutenir que la chasse (ou paître, dans le cas des herbivores) est dans la nature de la créature. D’un point de vue légèrement plus élevé, nous pourrions commencer à se demander si la proie soufre et nous intéroger sur son droit à la vie. Nous nous demandons alors: pourrait-il y avoir une autre source de nourriture qui permettrait à la fois au consommateur et au «consommé» de vivre pleinement leur vie en harmonie? Nous répondons, oui, mais pas dans cette fréquence.

Les humains se concurencent les uns aux autres pour de l’énergie de façon continue, sans même le savoir. C’est en nous percevant comme séparés que nous entrons en mode compétitif avec nos voisins. Nous contre les Autres. S’ils poscèdent plus que nous, nous voulons cet avantage pour nous-mêmes et nous nous efforcons soit de voler la ressource de l’autre ou, plus simplement, nous essayons de couper leur accès à cette ressource afin qu’ils ne puissent plus en profiter. Ceci est vrai pour les objets physiques et les biens, mais aussi pour l’énergie. Quand quelqu’un est spécialement de bonne humeur, beaucoup vont naturellement s’appliquer à gâcher leur état d’esprit. Le vampirisme énergétique est également une activité très courante. (Lire la Prophécie des Andes pour plus d’information à ce sujet)

Nous, les Reptiliens ascensionnés de la Fédération Galactique, considérons qu’il existe ce qu’on pourrait appeler une «mort propre», une manière respectueuse de prendre une vie pour perpétuer le cercle dont nous faisons tous partie. En ce qui concerne la relation entre les individus et les différentes races, les humains et les Reptiliens similairement, il suffit d’apprendre à partager un espace qui est notre chez nous à tous et ce depuis des millénaires, sans la nécessité d’avoir à dominer ou éradiquer l’autre.

Les humains et les Reptiliens font tous partie de la même expérience. Ils sont des acteurs égaux dans ce jeu de la réalité et du point de vue de chaque faction, l’autre est «l’étranger», l’ennemi. Celui qui doit être dominé et celui que nous devons éliminer. Mais vraiment le défi pour les deux parties est de se reconnecter et d’intégrer cette autre partie de nous (sang chaud/sang froid, yin et yang), puis apprendre à trouver une source de nourriture et un mode de vie durable de facon différente, d’abord par la reconnexion à la Source d’énergie vitale et à la nourriture complete et intégrale que votre environnement vous fourni généreusement et puis, lentement, faire votre chemin vers des fréquences plus élevées où l’énergie est assimilée d’une manière bien différente.

Nous vous bénissons,
Les Reptiliens de la Fédération Galactique de la Lumière


On food and nourishment

It is said that we, the Reptilians, see humans (or in a more general way humanoids) as but a source of nourishment, for their flesh or as a more direct source of energy, whether biological of spiritual. The truth is that on this physical plane that is the 3rd dimension, we ALL prey upon other lifeforms to sustain ourselves. This can take many aspects that we are not necessarily aware of. Weather you eat other animals, which is still a widely accepted practice for humans but also among other hot blooded species of this planet, or plants (fully formed living organisms, complex with cells and consciousness). Are we to condemn the predators to feed on the prey? From a basic perspective, we could first argue that hunting (or grazing, in the case of herbivores) is in the creature’s nature. From a slightly heightened perspective, we could start wondering about whether the prey is suffering and about its right to live. We then wonder: could there be a different source of nourishment that would allow both the consumer and the “consumed” to live full lives in harmony? We answer, yes but not in this frequency.

Humans prey upon each other energetically continuously without even knowing. It is by perceiving ourselves as separated that we enter in competitive mode with our neighbours. Us vs them. If they have “more” we will want this advantage for ourselves and will engage into either stealing the others resources or more simply, cutting their access to it so they cannot enjoy this resource anymore. This is true for physical objects and goods but also for energy. When someone is in such a good mood, many will naturally set out to spoil their state of mind. Energetic vampirism is also a very common activity. (Read the Celestine Prophecy for more insights)

We, the ascended Reptilians of the Galactic Federation, consider there is such a thing as a “clean death” or a respectful way of taking a life in order to carry on the circle we are all part of. As for relationship between individuals and races, humans and reptilians alike, it’s about learning to share a space that is both our home and that has been for millennia without the need for one to dominate or prey on the other.

Humans and reptilians alike are part of the same experiment. They are equal players in this reality game and from each faction’s perspective, the other is “the stranger”, the enemy. The one that needs to be subdued and the one that needs to be slayed. But really the challenge for both parties is to reconnect and integrate this other part of us (hot blooded/cold blooded, yin and yang), then learn to find nourishment and sustainability in different ways, first by reconnecting to the source life energy and the whole food your environment generously provide for you and then slowly make your way to higher frequencies where energy is assimilated in a much different way.

We bless you,

The Reptilians of the galactic federation of light


Speaker for the Reptilians

Translated from French by the author. A reflection in the light of the attacks of Orlando, France and all the other horror perpetrated by humanity over humanity.

Title dedicated to “Speaker for the Dead” by Orson Scott Card.
Special thanks to Arielle for inspiring me to finally publish this text.

For some time now, I have been questioning a part of me that is much less brighter than my Arcturian source. Ever since childhood my subconscious has been fueling me with memories of apocalyptic dreams worlds, worlds that I know have played a role in healing … or destroying. In some dreams I’m some helpless victim, tortured or running for my life. But in others I see myself in “someone else’s” body, perpetrating unspeakable horrors. How to interpret this psyche when I’m working so hard for light and ascension? I also remember an early fascination for reptiles, snakes, dinosaurs and dragons. Unusual interests for a little girl. I remember sympathizing with Harry Potter, alienated in his understanding of Parseltongue. The truth is that I now realize that in several incarnations (past and simultaneous), my energy signature is crucially different from most of my incarnated Arcturians colleagues. Unlike them, I have no recollection of the ascension of the Pleiades and I do not resonate at all with most mainstream revered alien culture (Sirius, Vega, Antares…). I’m not the fruit of a traditional Pleiadian / Arcturian combo, sent out to help Gaia. As a member of the Galactic Federation, I have of course a similar agenda and eons of existence in Arcturus and elsewhere (although they’re not my home), as well as the full experience of Lemuria, Atlantis and a multitude of three-dimensional incarnations on Earth. It is now my understanding that one of my major lines of incarnation happened on Mars and I have many vivid recollection of desertic planetscapes, underground networks, as well as having the ability to manipulate energy fields to move and form complex structures (telekinesis) and to create interstellar and interdimensional portals (time-space warping). I remember living exiled from devastated planets in search of the next land to colonize. I remember being Reptilian.

I understand now that my competence is about individual ascension, not the collective. I see how I can touch and dynamize one’s process by simple mean of attunement. This is my gift. I know that if I hadn’t chose to open my writing talent to channeling, i would have fulfilled my purpose on this plane regardless. But I believe that my background as an influential figure in previous lifetimes is overpowering my fear of being burned at the stake (Witch! Demon!), inspiring me to raise my voice and speak for “the Others”.

In order to integrate polarities, I think it is important for everyone to reconnect to this ancient part of our genetic makeup and extract its original essence and thus achieve a more comprehensive and complete knowledge of Self (regardless of if we have conscious memory of such incarnations or not). I would like today to make room in my consciousness for the voice of the Reptilians of the Galactic Federation, so their message can be heard.

* The Reptilians speak *

We are ready to speak today and unite our voices to communicate our message. We waited for this moment before showing ourselves to avoid fear or confusion and also in expectation for the channel to be ready to receive us, now aware of the energetic signature surrounding this message. Indeed, we are Reptilians of the Galactic Federation. Our name and appearance is repulsive to many and we wish above all to introduce ourselves as actors intervening in the collective effort to serve the planet called Earth. Few of us have chosen to retain their Draconian or Reptilian form after our individual ascension, and many of us are now choosing to manifest ourselves in Arcturian or Pleiadian forms. But some of us are still attached to the frequency of our original worlds, worlds that we died before our eyes, in the suffering of billions of our own. We were empathetic to our peers, even those that caused the cataclysms we witnessed and it is this difference, that openness of heart, that respectively set us on the path of our individual ascension. Many of you understand this feeling of despair and attachment when you remind yourself of Atlantis, this Eden lost humanity. Many of you are still bearing the stigma and guilt of its destruction.

As members of the Galactic Federation, our agenda is essentially the same as the one carried on by the Arcturians or the Pleiadians, now widely known and spread on Earth, except that we work in an entirely different way. Indeed, as the archangels, the message of the Arcturians is often perceived as somewhat evangelical. A high and “pure” ideal may seem difficult to achieve and therefore is often less attractive or more difficult to integrate for the vast majority of beings incarnated in the third / fourth dimension. Our initiative is to present information in a language much closer to humans. Instead of talking from the top of the “stairs”, in attempt to describe each steps (while not remembering too much the hardship of the rise), we wish to address you as peers in a comprehensive, concrete and rational manner. In fact we do not want so much “talk” or “preach” but rather to show you and support you through our shared experience. We do not want you to expect salvation but would rather see you climb the steps, experience the expansion of your own awareness and perceive this new reality for yourself. However unappealing, harsh and sometimes lonely this path toward reconnection sounds, we believe this is a much valid way. From our perspective, spiritual enlightenment is not an exalted process but rather a crumbling away of illusion (meaning pretty much one’s entire reality) and a violent crushing of one’s ego. We are not asking you to believe our message: we actively invite you to live it.

First, we would like to remind you that we, the Reptilians, perceived as sworn enemies of all humanoids of the galaxy, are also a part of you. In this planetary experience of polarity integration that is drawing to an end, we want you to be aware that you are not returning to your original state of “grace” known in Lemuria and Atlantis. These times relates in your psyche to a sort of organic paradise (female energy), and the first reflex would be to reject or purge the lessons of recent millennia lived in masculine energy to try and find back this state of “purity”. We tell you, integrate! Your Reptilian genetics, the “fight or flight” rule that has been human instinct for the past millennia has been implanted in your genetics for a reason. The advent of the New Man, the human of the 5th dimension, is not a return to the “original” state, but rather an integrated progression of lessons and experiences gained on the 3rd dimensional plane. A spiral progression that may look circular at first, but is actually a stepping into an heightened frequency.

It is no coincidence that our emissary chose the body of a woman to incarnate in this time. This is a concrete way for the soul to be in contact with the organic and sensory side of the mammalian female and thus experience the ultimate combination of opening the heart, coupled with the geometric rational aspect of her specific galactic background. We believe this is key to individual ascension and although you may sway between polarized aspects of yourself for a while, eventually you will find the middle path in universal love, empathy and emotional connection. Paired with the systematic use of energy fields, stabilized and modulated by the property of metals and crystals, organized into powerful and ancient geometries, you will find your way to your personal, racial and planetary ascensions.


We, the Reptilians of the Galactic Federation, know what it means for a person to walk alone. We believe that we can not ask everyone to move uniformly and at the same pace. We understand the value of individuality and we cherish the colors of each of you. Among us are beings at all levels of their spiritual progress: dense individuals struggling with survival dilemmas you would describe as brutal and savage, as well as individuals of very high vibration, avatars among us (some even inspiring your myths, pantheons and legends). The symbolic power of the dragon and the serpent is significant in your folklores and it would be closed minded to reject this reptilian wisdom rooted in you, in the heart of your cells and your genes. In reality, we are the most widely represented community in all inhabited frequencies of this galaxy.

med09LThe Snake is in itself a deeply feminine and mystical symbol, water creature, wisdom and life bearer in its Kundalini form. The snake medicine is often dreaded, too often repressed under an esoteric veil of sorcery associated with the temptress or exacerbated woman. We, the Reptilians, viscerally know that to embrace the light you need the shadows, to rise one must first experience the abyss, for any updraft is a downdraft and that all a yin requires a yang.

We wish to introduce the ascension process in a new way, for those who finds it challenging to adhere to a more transcendental and sometimes abstract views of abnegation that leads a group to walk in unison. For us, the ascension process has always been a unique and individual process and is much more about a grounding energetic current, that is, a spiritual movement that is rooted in the material and aligns with the often difficult reality of the individual, ultimately providing direction to the incarnation of the latter, thus ending the process of reincarnation in the physical plane of the third dimension. This is not to about abandoning the flesh or the material world but rather about assimilating it, embracing it as an integral part of experience.

In regard to what you are currently living on your planet, reaching a critically transformative and possibly traumatic point for many of you, we beg you not to succumb to fear. Fear is what keeps you in the lower frequencies and creates resistance preventing you to move toward your new reality. The majority of the orchestrated acts you have recently suffered have only one goal, to keep you in the lowest vibration possible and prevent you from manifesting your full potential, and this regardless of the faction that initiated these acts of terror. It matters not to point fingers and find a culprit because ultimately, your only power AND YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY resides in you, in the response and the attention you pay to a reality that seems threatening. When you transcend the fear of death and suffering by direct and irrefutable spiritual experience, when you truly know your infinite power and the eternity of your consciousness, you are claiming your full power and freedom from oppression. Although many of you won’t have immediate memories of being on other planets or other worlds, the knowing of your incarnation lineage and therefore or yourself will assure you beyond doubt of your eternal essence. In our opinion, it is this work of awakening that should be your priority in the upcoming time, regardless of any external context. It is within anyone’s reach to undertake this great inner journey and it requires nothing else but the experience of the vibrational reality in you are currently in. If each of you incarnated now had a foretaste of this inner connection themselves, only one step on the path or one spark of the heart, the world in which you live would be radically changed overnight.

Your guides are near you, ready to answer the call and help you in your journey. Just make the request. Do not be surprised by the variety of forms they may take, embodied or disembodied, in humanoid or unexpected forms. Always be on the lookout for a high frequency, working in the service of planetary ascension and all living things. Be vigilant of speech that divide, seems to set up castes or point fingers, because ultimately we are one, without division, without segregation. (Karine’s consciousness joins the group) Let’s get ready to watch these parts of us that hurts, heal, forgive and love ourselves in our ugliness and our splendor. This is the only way to break free of our karma and ultimately of this cycle of lives and deaths that anchors us in this physicality. We need to learn to “Let go” but above all learn to integrate, because a part of us somewhere is also someone else’s terrorist.

With love,
Karine and the Reptilians of the Galactic Federation



Réponse à “la Voix des Reptiliens”

Lire la première partie
Canalisé par Arielle

Nous souhaitons apporter quelques éléments complémentaires à propos des sujets évoqués par le texte de Karine. Nous ignorons le nom que vous nous donnez. Nous sommes les historiens philosophes de cet univers de cette tranche d’histoire galactique.

Fédération Galactique
Oui, c’est important de ne pas avoir peur quand vous rencontrez en vous une nouvelle énergie, une nouvelle famille de la Fédération Galactique. Nous essayons de nous adapter à vos nouveaux termes de langage mais notre race est tellement ancienne que parfois nous sommes un peu désorientés par les chemins de communications que vous prenez.

Autrefois, les hommes de votre planète ne parlaient pas de Fédération Galactique mais de divinités, de génies, de démons. Ils ont fait de nous des panthéons Indiens, Égyptiens, Grecs, Nordiques, Incas Mayas… Chaque culture choisissait ses propres noms et ses propres chemins de rencontre.

Même les religions monothéistes malgré leur volonté d’unification, n’ont pas pu supprimer cette vérité. La diversité, la pluralité des énergies de cet espace temps qui est le vôtre fait d’une infinie multitude de possibles les ont obligé à cette reconnaissance.

Nous aimons bien le concept de Fédération Galactique car cela signifie que vous ne nous prenez plus pour des dieux. Néanmoins, nous observons que certains d’entre vous, nous conçoivent encore comme des guides. L’esprit humain a souvent besoin pour se rassurer d’un maitre au-dessus de lui plus sage et plus sachant. En réalité nous sommes simplement des races plus anciennes que la vôtre. Peut-être pouvez-vous nous envisager comme de grands frères, de grandes sœurs qui vous accompagnent dans la découverte et la gestion des énergies qui vous traversent. De même, vous serez amenés à jouer ce rôle auprès de races plus jeunes. Certains d’entre vous ont déjà commencé même s’ils n’en sont pas toujours conscients.


Le langage de Lumière
Souvent vous vous représentez les Reptiliens comme appartement à l’ombre. Cela est dû au fait que leur rapport à la lumière est assez différent du vôtre. Ce sont des êtres à sang froid, la lumière est source de chaleur. Un reptilien ne cherchera pas de réponse à l’extérieur mais toujours à l’intérieur de lui-même au creux de ses cellules, au creux de sa matière. Pour nos amis végétaux, la lumière est nourriture, indispensable à la photosynthèse, à leur grandir. Pour vous humains, elle est éclairage, connaissance, reconnaissance de ce qui vous entoure et souvent nourriture pour votre cerveau agité.

En éclairant le monde extérieur elle capte votre regard et plonge dans l’ombre votre monde intérieur et votre sagesse interne. Nos amis Arcturiens, eux, baignent littéralement dans la lumière et les frontières intérieures extérieures n’ont pas de place en eux.

C’est pourquoi nombre d’entre vous sur ce chemin rencontreront en premier la vibration Acturienne car elle remettra en lumière leurs mondes intérieures et leurs permettra de s’y reconnectez. Puis ils la quitteront pour se mettre en vibration avec des races galactiques avec laquelle ils se sentent de plus fortes affinités.

Pour chacune de ces races, vibrations, énergies, quel que soit le nom que vous leur donnez, le rapport à la lumière est différent et modifie en profondeur leur rapport aux mondes et les réponses qu’ils peuvent vous donner. Nous avons choisi cet exemple pour vous inciter à réfléchir en profondeur sur les différents messages que vous pouvez recevoir.

Karine emploie le très beau terme de « langage de lumière ». Alors, ayez toujours profondément cela à l’esprit et devenez de plus en plus intime avec la source dont les messages proviennent et la partie en vous qui va les recevoir. Comme nous l’avons illustré, un mot aussi simple que lumière peut avoir des sens bien différents. C’est pour avoir négligé ce travail de profonde intimité, proximité que vos instances religieuses ont si cruellement déformés les paroles de sagesse que nous vous avons transmis pour en faire des paroles de guerres, d’avidité et de haine.

Les Reptiliens
Pour en revenir à nos amis reptiliens, nous aimerions vous faire profondément comprendre qu’ils ne sont ni méchants ni gentils. Ce concept n’a pas vraiment de sens pour eux. Ils sont profondément reliés à l’organisation de la matière organique. C’est leur grande passion. Ils aiment l’organiser, la transformer, la faire croître.

Nos amis reptiliens ont des peurs aussi très profondes qui peuvent les rendre violents et destructeurs. Comme le disait notre bien-aimée Karine, les mondes de reptiliens ont connu beaucoup de destruction particulièrement par explosion. Ils gardent un souvenir très aigu de leur dernière extinction sur la planète Terre et certains gardent une rancune tenace contre ces mammifères à sang chaud qui les ont remplacés. D’une certaine façon, nos amis Arthropodes en veulent aux Reptiliens d’avoir pris leur planète. Certains sentiments semblent exister chez toutes les races de la galaxie. Et oui votre planète a le goût d’abriter de nombreuses espèces et de les mettre à la porte quand il est temps pour elles de passer à autre chose.

Les Reptiliens ont en commun avec les Arcturiens un goût pour la beauté la géométrie sacrée les structures l’organisation et les trames. Si les Arcturiens ont un goût plus prononcé pour les cristaux et les pierres et les jeux de lumière qu’ils peuvent y créer, les reptiliens ont gout pour la matière organique mais aussi pour le métal qu’ils peuvent travailler grâce à leur feu intérieur. Il n’y a pas de plus belles créations dans l’univers que celle produite quand ces deux magnifiques races d’architecte travaillent ensemble. Nous ne pouvons qu’encourager ceux d’entre vous qui travaillent à la fois les pierres/cristaux et le métal et créent ainsi cohérence et harmonie entre ces deux races.

Comme nous vous le disions, les reptiliens ont peur des énergies explosives qui ramène la matière organique structurée, vivante à l’état protoplasmique, chaotique. Néanmoins ils pourront vous entraîner dans ce chaos sans aucun remords s’ils ont l’impression que vous voulez empêcher leur verticalisation.


Le texte de notre bien-aimée Karine comporte aussi de précieux enseignements sur cette réalité que beaucoup refuse : Vous êtes en lien avec plusieurs énergie/races galactique. Notre intermédiaire, nous suggère d’utiliser le concept d’astrologie pour mieux illustrer notre propos. Nous nous excusons pour ceux qui ne sont pas familier avec ce concept. Nous faisons confiance à notre bien-aimée Karine pour retranscrire ce concept dans d’autres mots si cela s’avère nécessaire. Dire que vous êtes Arcturiens, Pléadiens, Reptiliens est aussi réducteur que de dire que vous êtes Lion Verseau ou Vierge. Tout astrologue vous le dira : Cela ne désigne que le signe dans lequel est votre Soleil natal. Suivant la totalité de votre carte du ciel ceci pourrait avoir une influence mineure ou majeure en vous.

Si votre astrologie occidentale reconnaît 12 ou 13 constellations et que chacune est plus ou moins influente sur vous suivant votre carte du ciel, comment pouvez-vous croire que vous ne vibrez qu’avec une seule race de la galaxie. Vous portez en vous toutes les races de la galaxie passées présentes et futures. Certains en rencontreront très peu au cours de leur existence et passerons un très long temps d’études auprès d’elles. D’autres seront appelés à en rencontrer de nombreuses. Il est important de respecter profondément votre nature dans ce domaine. Si vous sentez que votre être, vous pousse à établir nous diront une relation unique avec une race ou une seule entité de la Fédération Galactique, c’est très bien.
Si vous sentez votre être vous pousser à établir plusieurs relations à être pluriels, poly amoureux pourrions-nous dire respecter cela également. Ne pas le faire serait prendre le risque d’étouffer certaines parties très importantes de votre propre psyché. Aucune race dans l’univers n’a de prévalence sur l’autre. Chacune d’entre elle comporte son lot de joies et de souffrances. Alors suivez l’inclinaison de votre cœur de votre âme ou de votre corps Car seul un profond amour peut vous permettre d’aller au bout de ce chemin de rencontre. Et si vos inclinaisons vont dans des directions différentes, respectez cela et vivez le dans la plus grande révérence de chaque partie de vous-même. Vous êtes à l’image de l’univers un et multiple.

Que cette vérité pénètre en vous et vous offre la paix de Gaia.

Nous demandons pardon à ce que nos mots pourraient choquer ou offenser.
Transmettre dans la limite de vos mots est une expérience périlleuse.

Avec tout notre amour

La Voix des Reptiliens

Une réflexion à la lumière des attentats d’Orlando, de la France et tous les autres actes d’horreur perpétrés par l’humanité sur l’humanité.

Titre dédicace à “La Voix des morts (Speaker for the Dead)” d’Orson Scott Card
Merci à Arielle pour m’avoir inspirée à finalement publier ce texte
Pour Catherine C., Lili, Pierre-Yves et tous les autres qui sont venus me voir pour trouver des réponses.

Depuis un certain temps déjà, je m’interroge sur une part de moi qui est beaucoup moins lumineuse que ma source arcturienne. Depuis toujours mon subconscient me ramène les mémoires de mondes apocalyptiques en rêves, mondes où je sais avoir joué un rôle dans la guérison…ou dans la destruction. Certains rêves encore où je me suis vue dans un autre corps, perpétrer des horreurs innommables. Comment interpréter cette psyché lorsqu’on œuvre si fort pour la lumière et l’ascension? Je me souviens aussi enfant d’une fascination pour les reptiles, les serpents, les dinosaures et les dragons. Intérêt assez peu commun pour une petite fille. Je me rappelle avoir compatis pour Harry Potter. Aliéné dans sa compréhension du Fourchelang. La vérité est que j’ai maintenant conscience de plusieurs incarnations (passées et simultanées), de ma signature énergétique et aussi, d’une différence cruciale avec la plus part de mes collègues arcturiens incarnés. Contrairement à eux, je n’ai aucun souvenir de l’ascension des pléiades et je ne résonne pas du tout avec la culture pléiadienne. Je ne suis pas le fruit du traditionnel combo pléiadien/arcturien, envoyé pour aider Gaia. En tant que membre de la Fédération Galactique, j’ai bien sûr un agenda similaire et des éons d’existence en Arcturus et ailleurs, de même que l’expérience complète de la Lémurie, de l’Atlantide et une multitude d’incarnations tridimensionnelles sur terre. Il est de ma connaissance qu’une autre de mes lignées d’importance est de Mars et j’ai maintenant plusieurs souvenir vif de mon temps sur la planète rouge, les réseaux souterrains, la manipulation des champs magnétiques pour déplacer et former d’immenses structures ainsi que de manipuler différents portails interdimensionnels et intersidéraux. Encore plus anciennement je me rappelle avoir vécu en exil sur des planètes dévastées, à la recherche d’une prochaine terre à coloniser. Je me souviens avoir été reptilienne.

Dans un souci d’intégration des polarités, je crois qu’il est primordial pour chacun de prendre contact et accueillir cette part ancestrale de notre génétique et en extraire l’essence originelle et ainsi parvenir à une connaissance plus complète et intégrale de Soi, qu’on ait souvenir conscient de ce type d’incarnations ou non. J’aimerais donc aujourd’hui faire place en ma conscience à la voix des Reptiliens de la Fédération Galactique pour que leur message soit entendu.

*Les Reptiliens parlent*

Nous sommes prêts aujourd’hui à prendre la parole et joindre notre voix pour communiquer notre message. Nous avons attendu ce délais avant de nous manifester pour ne pas créer de peur ou de confusion et aussi dans l’attente que le canal soit prêt à nous recevoir, maintenant consciente du champ énergétique et de la signature entourant ce message. En effet, nous sommes les reptiliens de la Fédération Galactique. Notre nom et notre apparence savent en faire frémir plus d’un et nous souhaitons avant tout nous présenter comme acteurs et intervenant de l’ordre collectif au service de la planète Terre. Peu d’entre nous ont choisi de retenir leur forme draconienne ou reptilienne suite au processus d’ascension et plusieurs parcelles choisissent maintenant de se manifester sous formes arcturiennes ou pléiadiennes. Mais un certain nombre d’entre nous est toujours attaché à la fréquence de nos mondes d’origine, mondes que nous avons vu s’éteindre devant nos yeux, dans la souffrance de milliards de nos semblables. Nous étions empathiques à nos pairs, même ceux ayant causé les cataclysmes dont nous avons été témoins et c’est cette différence, cette ouverture du cœur qui nous a lancés respectivement sur le chemin de notre ascension individuelle. Plusieurs d’entre vous comprendrons le sentiment de désespoir et d’attachement lorsque vous vous remémorez l’Atlantide, cet éden perdu de l’humanité. Plusieurs d’entre vous y sont toujours très attachés et trainent encore aujourd’hui les stigmates et la culpabilité de sa destruction.

En tant que membres de la Fédération Galactique, notre agenda est sensiblement le même que celui véhiculé par les Arcturiens ou les Pléiadiens, présentement largement diffusé sur terre, à l’exception que nous travaillons de façon complètement différente. En effet, tout comme les archanges, le message des Arcturiens est souvent perçu comme évangélique. Un idéal très haut et “pur” (voire froid) qui peut sembler difficile à atteindre et donc souvent moins intéressant ou plus difficile à intégrer pour la vaste majorité des êtres incarnés dans la troisième/quatrième dimension. Notre initiative est de présenter l’information dans un langage beaucoup plus près des humains. Au lieu de vous parler du haut des “escaliers” en tentant de vous décrire l’expérience de chacune des marches (tout en ne nous rappelant pas si bien la souffrance de la montée), nous souhaitons nous adresser à vous comme des pairs dans un mode compréhensif, concret et rationnel. En fait nous ne souhaitons pas tellement “parler” ou prêcher mais plutôt vous montrer et vous accompagner, vous voir franchir vous-même les étapes et faire votre propre prise de conscience, expérimenter cette nouvelle réalité aux première loges. Nous ne vous demandons pas de croire notre message : nous vous invitons activement à le vivre.

Nous aimerions dans un premier temps vous rappeler que nous, les Reptiliens, perçus ennemis jurés de tous les humanoïdes de la galaxie, sommes également une partie de vous. Dans cette expérience planétaire d’intégration de la polarité qui tire à sa fin, nous voulons vous faire prendre conscience que vous ne retournez pas à votre état initial de “grâce” connu en Lémurie et en Atlantide. Cette époque d’énergie organique (féminine) est en votre psyché une sorte de paradis, et le premier réflexe serait de rejeter ou purger les enseignements des récents millénaires vécus en énergie masculine pour tenter de retrouver cet état de « pureté ». Nous vous disons, intégrez! Votre génétique reptilienne, votre instinct du “fight or flight” qui vous a piloté les derniers millénaires a été implanté dans votre génétique pour une bonne raison et l’avènement de l’homme nouveau, l’humain de la 5e dimension, est non pas un retour à un état “originel” mais plutôt une progression intégrée des enseignements et expériences acquis dans la 3e dimension. Une progression en spirale qui peut sembler circulaire mais est en fait l’acquisition d’un nouveau niveau vibratoire.

Il n’est pas un hasard que notre émissaire ait choisi le corps d’une femme pour s’incarner en cette époque. Il s’agit d’un moyen concret pour cette âme d’être en contact avec le coté organique et sensoriel de la femme mammifère et ainsi expérimenter l’ultime combinaison de l’ouverture du cœur, couplé au rationnel géométrique de ses différents bagages galactiques. Nous croyons que c’est la clé de l’ascension individuelle et bien que vous oscillerez entre ces deux aspects de vous-même pour un certain temps, vous finirez pas trouver la réalité de la voie du milieu et, dans l’amour universel, l’empathie et la connexion émotionnelle, tout comme dans l’utilisation systématique des champs énergétiques, stabilisés et modulés par la propriété des métaux et des cristaux, organisés en géométries puissantes et ancestrales, vous trouverez le chemin de votre ascensions personnelle, puis raciale et planétaire.


Nous, les Reptiliens de la Fédération Galactique savons ce que cela représente pour un individu de cheminer seul. Nous pensons que nous ne pouvons pas demander à chacun d’évoluer uniformément et au même rythme. Nous comprenons qu’il existe une individualité et nous chérissons les couleurs de chacun d’entre vous. Parmi les nôtres se trouvent des êtres à tous les niveaux de leur progression, des individus très denses qui peuplent certaines planètes de ce système, au pris avec des dilemmes de survies que vous qualifieriez de brutaux et sauvages, ainsi que des individus à la vibration très élevée, avatars parmi nos rangs, certains ayant même donné lieux d’inspiration pour certains de vos mythes et légendes. La force symbolique du dragon et du serpent est loin d’être négligeable dans vos folklores et il serait erroné et infiniment limité de fermer la porte à cette sagesse reptilienne, ancrée en vous, au cœur même de vos cellules et de vos gènes. En réalité, nous sommes la communauté la plus largement représentée dans toutes les fréquences habitées de cette galaxie.

med09LLe serpent est en lui-même un symbole profondément féminin et mystique, créature de l’eau et porteur de sagesse, de force de vie sous sa forme Kundalini. La médecine du serpent est souvent redoutée, trop souvent réprimée sous un voile ésotérique de sorcellerie, associé à la femme tentatrice ou la femme exacerbée. Nous, les Reptiliens de la Fédération, savons viscéralement que pour mettre en valeur la lumière il faut une zone d’ombre, pour s’élever et progresser il faut d’abord expérimenter l’abime, pour tout courant ascendant existe un courant descendant et que pour tout yang requiert un yin.

Nous souhaitons présenter le processus ascensionnel sous un nouvel angle, pour ceux qui ont de la difficulté à adhérer à un mouvement plus transcendantal et abstrait, voir d’abnégation qui pousse un groupe à cheminer à l’unisson. Pour les nôtres, l’ascension a toujours été un processus unique et individuel et consiste beaucoup plus en un courant énergétique descendant, c’est à dire un mouvement spirituel qui s’ancre dans la matière et s’harmonise avec la réalité souvent difficile de l’individu, apportant finalement un sens à l’incarnation de ce dernier, mettant ainsi fin au processus de réincarnation de celui-ci, dans le plan physique de la 3e dimension. Il ne s’agit pas de renoncer à la chair ou au monde matériel mais bien de l’assimiler, l’embrasser comme étant partie intégrante de l’expérience.

En ce qui a trait à ce que vous vivez actuellement sur votre planète, au point critique d’évènements profondément transformateur et possiblement traumatique pour nombre d’entre vous, nous vous supplions de ne pas succomber à la peur. La peur est ce qui vous maintient dans des fréquences inferieure et crée la résistance vous empêchant de progresser vers votre nouvelle réalité. La majorité des actes orchestrés dont vous êtes victime n’ont qu’un seul but, vous maintenir dans la vibration la plus basse possible et vous empêcher de manifester votre plein potentiel, et ce peu importe la faction qui initie ces actes de terreur. Il importe peu de pointer du doigt et trouver un responsable car ultimement votre seul pouvoir ET VOTRE SEULE RESPONSABILITÉ réside en vous, dans la réponse et dans l’attention que vous portez à une réalité qui vous semble menaçante. Lorsque vous transcendez la peur de la mort et de la souffrance par votre expérience spirituelle directe et irréfutable, quand vous vous connaissez vous même véritablement et le pouvoir infini de même que l’éternité de votre conscience, vous venez de vous réapproprier le pouvoir que quiconque pourrait exercer sur vous. Bien que plusieurs d’entre vous n’aurons pas immédiatement souvenir d’avoir été sur d’autres planètes ou d’autres mondes, la conscience de l’âme par la connaissance de votre lignée d’incarnation et donc de vous-même vous rappellera hors de tout doute votre immuabilité. C’est ce travail d’éveil intérieur qui, selon nous, devrait continuer votre priorité dans les temps qui viennent, et ceci indépendamment de tout contexte extérieur. Il est à la portée de tous d’entreprendre ce grand voyage intérieur et il ne requiert aucun autre préalable que l’expérience de la réalité vibratoire dans laquelle vous vous trouvez actuellement. Si chacun de vous incarnés maintenant n’avait qu’un avant-gout de cette connexion intérieure a eux-mêmes, un seul pas sur le chemin ou une seule étincelle dans la direction du cœur, le monde dans lequel vous vivez serait révolu du jour au lendemain.

Vos guides sont près de vous, prêts à répondre à l’appel et vous aider dans votre cheminement. Il vous suffit d’en faire la demande. Ne soyez pas surpris de la multitude de formes qu’ils peuvent prendre, incarnés ou désincarnés, tantôt humanoïdes ou au formes inattendues. Soyez toujours à l’affut d’une fréquence élevée, travaillant au service de l’ascension planétaire et de tous les individus qui la peuplent. Soyez vigilants des discours qui divisent, qui semble mettre des castes ou isoler des coupables, car ultimement nous ne sommes qu’un, sans division, sans ségrégation. (La conscience se Karine se joint au collectif) Soyons prêts à regarder ces parties de nous qui font mal, à les guérir à nous pardonner et nous aimer dans notre laideur et notre splendeur. C’est le seul moyen de se libérer de notre karma et ultimement de ce cycle de vies et de morts qui nous ancre dans cette physicalité. “Lâchons prise” mais surtout apprenons à intégrer, car une partie de nous quelque part est aussi le terroriste de quelqu’un d’autre.

Avec amour,
Karine et les Reptiliens de la Fédération Galactique